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Debra Roberts has your TimeSaver healthy foods for your spirit



Debra Kilgore Roberts is one of the most fascinating, logical, balanced, spirit FILLED  women I know.


I met her in Aug. of 2011 and tho in human time it seems only a few months, I know  we have been together many lifetimes.

I started knowing her as a woman that is growing into her paws. (you know how some breeds have  super large paws  but their body is rather small? but that once pup grows into a massive great  and powerful dog.) She is true  greatness formed in front of my eyes.  She was once  rather soft spoken and demure I feel. Now I see her as ONE OF the women of our history….Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelo, Bella Abzug….so on.


When I first met her  she seemed  shy  and I thought she is so beautiful  I surely  hope  she doesn’t take  shit from the folks  she feeds.  I  hope  they  appreciate her as much as I do.


She talked to me and shared with me as  soon as I met her.  Things  most folks don’t if they had not known you for years.


Debra came to my house one day  and she talked with me for several hours. The sun had gone down and I stood outside to  wave her good bye and I thought…wow, I wonder if she sees how far she has come in her own life.  Then  that made me think of mine and if I had?  I knew I had and I hoped she come back to speak with me again.

I bought some food from her service and she came the next  day  bright eyed a bushy tailed.

We  sat again  for  many  hours  talking and  listening to her show her love for one  she trusted and it was so  refreshing to HEAR HER TALK OF ONE THIS WAY.    Now  days  we  don’t  take time to see ALL THINGS as  glorious lessons…..DEBRA DOES.  That was so  refreshing.




After that we have sat for  tons of hours re-learning  each other form lifetimes past and talking on the things we would do  together this lifetime.


It is so  very very  refreshing to  hear a person speak on lessons they  CAME FROM THE LESSON OF  ____  experience   and now  they move fluidly into a different lesson and happily  so.

I heard  her  story of  the how’s and why’s of her life,  raising 4  BEAUTIFUL  WONDERFUL SWEET KIND  children.  Hearing her goals  she had made for herself and  I see she has achieved and is  achieving still.

She has come full circle I FEEL – FROM MY SPIRIT TO HERS THAT IS.  I am so so  blessed to have a  sister friend in my life  that   will stick to her guns and do things  that MAYBE used to be
frightening  her or  was a bit  to  high for her reach  AT  ONE POINT IN LIFE.


I see this woman who  once  maybe  would not have (???)  come to my home to talk to  me or, or, or…..


image Debra is a magnanimous woman  that has  supported me thru many trials when others that call themselves my ‘friend’ have not.  For this I oft call her  MA  OR  SISTER ….out of the sheer respect of her.   I feel when you do  things you don’t have to do  AFER WORKING AND SERVING OTHERS AND  PUTTING UP WITH  SHIT AND AND AND AND……you don’t have to call Tasha and ask…..IS THERE ANYTHING YOU NEED TO DO?   I  cry at how wonderful  that feeling is  since I have only  recently  known it.
Tho she feels free to call me by name… I should call her  QUEEN….as  the  respect …time … pride  …honor… she gives to me….it would be fitting.   Happy she accepts me as I am and allows me  freedom to call her whatever I feel at the time.


We  oft  go to the  thrift store and I see people try to  GET HER GOAT  and I wonder what will she say. When out pops  something funny  and  quick witted, yet to the point,  I just look at her and smile.   You must  understand it is not from a protective stand point I say this.  We both have the lesson of THINKING  AND RESPONING FASTER  that would  do use good to learn…..I FEEL.    SHE DID  and  we both just  stand there laughing to  the other.   It nice having secrets with a sister friend.

She has lovely  children,  goals, dreams, challenges and she faces them all with her head held high. She manages her life and family and business as a well run machine. She faces things head on  and  created her very own  website,  she figured out twitter and face-book. She is a  woman of  great honor and respect and  you  SHOULD  love her as much as I do.


Please feel free to use her services wont you?  If you live in the San Jose / Campbell are please call her  in advance to place your healthy food order that will be delivered the next day. https://timesaverlunch.wordpress.com/

If you are a mother that needs education in the herbs and other NON WESTERN  meds/ideas for your children that MAY  OR MAY NOT  ACT OUT, or merely have a change in behaviors …please  writer her.   Her knowledge on children’s behaviors (In regards to their foods and medicines they might be taking)  is  vast like the ocean. connectwithdebra@gmail.com Feel free to barter for your  love offering  or  just simply donate for the information she will share with you  that  only  a mother of the  earth could. (ask her for that paypal  address)

She is an esthetician and healer.  She is a crafter and builder. She has a new VIRTUAL ASSISTANT  business….tweeting and marketing for those that have their own business that don’t know  how to do these things for themselves.


i am so proud to introduce you all to  DEBRA KILGORE ROBERTS….my  mother,  sister, friend.











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