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Tasha moves back to the big city, San Jose Cali

I moved to Gilroy California on March 28 2013 due to diabetes and getting evicted from my apartment because I was in the hospital.

A year and 8 month passes really quickly when you are in the process of healing and moving on with your spirit life.

I am happy that I chose this spiritual past because it taught me a lot about myself and it helped me grow in my spirit faster than any other lesson I could have chosen.

This path I choose, showed me, my physical self  I mean,  that I am much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.

It is never easy to live any type of life when you are not in your right mind.  II am thankful to God and myself that I was able to pull it together enough to know that this is not the energy that I belong in and I chose to change it.

It seems like it took forever, however I know that a year is not long at all even in physical time since there is no time in spirit.

I really had to learn to stay focused and trying to remind myself that this will pass quicker if I chose to stay in balance and having faith.

I kept the few marbles in my head rolling around trying to keep my balance physically and spiritually.

I was blessed with great teachers and doctors to help me stay focused and get better, I read the reasons behind diabetes spiritually via Louise Hays book heal your body.II chose to follow her description and measurements for getting better and I did, I ate better, I exercise better, & I kept reading even though I didn’t fully understand what my eyes were seeing however I kept trying.soon I had lost about 50 pounds and was feeling really  good, I kept eating really well for the first nine months.  I kept on reading, walking and mostly staying in high vibe, I was proud of myself.

I got readings from loved ones and stayed focus, out on the farm I now lived on.

The farm was the best thing that could have happened to me.  It gave me time to heal and see exactly where  my spirit needed to be.

I am truly  well,  and healing others, I am happy.

I hope you are too.



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