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Just Tash

Metaphysics is her passion and her life. I She grew up with two medium grandmothers and a medium mother. They were/are the best teachers any human could have.

There were four brothers and four sisters that were all taught to ‘dream’ things in order to gain and keep DIVINE ORDER in life.  They still communicate telepathically as adults, to keep their spirits strong and in TUNE at all times.

She was taught and proudly accept that, we all get what we put out there in the world.

Tasha only chooses to give great stuff.

Tasha follows many of the Asian traditions of life; also the Native American ways. Giving back to mother nature and using as much natural medicines from the earth as possible.

She uses healing crystals also hands off energy in her method for performing healings in a prayer circle or on an individual basis.

Tasha makes a wonderful life coach and teacher of metaphysics.  She is never to busy to make time for you or anyone.

Love & Light to all.



  1. Hello love!! i just wanted to check out your blog, and see whats going on! Looks like success!!

    Comment by ryan haugen | January 18, 2009

  2. hey tash.you told me months ago to join a group u had on yahoo and i was going doing it there because i just got a new laptop after it being broke and i cud not find the group but i found this and its amazing i’m loving ur blogs
    hope all is well with u 😀 xx.have a great and blessed day.xx

    Comment by Conor Harty | August 18, 2010

  3. aahhh my sweetiepie. ty ty ty the link is thee_angels_network@yahoogroups.com shot tring to find the other one .. hsoot is it ok if i just add you?
    Thank you my dear. 🙂

    Comment by tashaharris | August 19, 2010

  4. ty ty yeahhhh everything i do is successful hunnybunz.

    Comment by tashaharris | August 19, 2010

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