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Coffeehouse on Magick Blvd. guest Rev. Tasha Harris



tidals btr


I had the pleasure of being interviewed on his radio show.


Have a listen wont you?


If you want to have your  own  show with me, just holler.








My Media

I am very at home on line and have many sites to find my information & I will be adding to this more and more.





Thee Angels G+

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My number  to leave a message is  408 357 3885

The  fastest email is (on my cell)  tashaspeaks@gmail.com

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What are your top 5 crystals to program?

What are the 5 top crystals to program your wealth?*

"Quartz crystal is the most frequent  partner. Most stones will work with you , but clear quartz is the  most versatile."
"Quartz crystal points, clusters and polished stones can be found in most metaphysical shops. I would like to focus on Quartz Crystal Points, as these will be best to use for the purpose of making it your personal tool of power and transformation. A crystal point is a single column of clear quartz with 3 to 7 sides around the face, with a termination at the end. It is usually clear at the top half, and milky white at the blunt end. The following methods are acceptable, but remember, you do not choose your crystal, it actually chooses you!"
I feel that all of  MY clear looking  stones  can be programmed.
However, I understand that your crystals speaks to you on your individual level.
So for  me these are my top 5:
Herkimer Diamond
Clear quartz
Ok that is 7..lol
I am happy to say I found a site that vibrates well with me.

Crystal of the day is Danburite

it clears allergies and chronic conditions and has a strong detoxifying action.
it treats the liver and gallbladder. it adds weight to the body where required.
it aids muscular and motor function.
This is also one of the  12 high senergy stones.

On Demand readings by e-mail.

Thank you so many of you that choose to just pay your  $10.00 and email me when you have  one question you need a quick answer to.
I am happy this works for you. I will try to give you a reply in 24 hrs.
if you need a longer session, I now have 2hr reading available for only $100.00
WHAT ELSE IS NEW? 3 CARD READING Not yet added to the site so
I can give you all the  first opportunity to get your readings in first.

At first I wasn’t a fan of cards…yes, we must watch what we say.
So i was gifted this deck by Linda and I am happy to say that I love it and now use it more than my pendulum.
We have bonded and I can now feel very comfortable and knowledgeable on these lovely Goddesses.
I can’t wait to tell you of the two new business I have started with some really awesome folks.
A new folder I have added to my face book page.
When you need to just take a break but can’t get away,
just click on the pic and  you can HAVE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

~~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~










My number  to leave a message is  408 357 3885

The  fastest email is (on my cell)  tashaspeaks@gmail.com
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http://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/a-to-z-list-of-crystal-meanings/  great info for you to read on other points.

Moon light energy from Carol Barbeau…

Planets are like actors and have a job to do, when they put on a different costume they
do the job in a different way. When Planets retrogrades it appears to be moving backwards
and as a result the planet does not behave as usual. You will notice huge shifts the few days
before the planet moves direct, and perhaps during the retrograde cycle things not going as you might wish.

Venus the planet of love and what we like retrogrades only once every 2 years and this is not
the time for a marriage or for some to truly make decisions around relationships. Venus retrograded
December 21, 2013 at 29 Degrees of Capricorn and will move direct January 31, 2014 at 13 Degrees
of . Again, this will be a time of rethinking how we achieve what we desire and for many, rethinking what we desire.

Mercury retrograded 3 times last year in Water signs and truly it was an year of increased dreams and
intuition and emotional connection for many. This year Mercury retrogrades also in Water, but will back
into Air signs, giving us much more perspective on the messages we have been unsure of from inner guidance this last year.

  • Mercury retrogrades Feb. 06, 2014 at 3 degrees of Pisces moves direct Feb 28, 2014 at 18
  • degrees of Aquarius
  • Mercury retrogrades again June 7, 2014 at 3 degrees of Cancer moves direct July 01, 2014
  • at 24 degrees of Gemini
  • Mercury retrogrades again October 4, 2014 at 2 degrees of Scorpio moves direct October 25th
  • at 16 degrees of Libra
  • Mercury retrogrades again January 21, 2015 at 17 degrees of Aquarius moves direct February 11, 2015
  • at 1 degree of Aquarius 2015 brings our Mercury retrogrades in AIR (ideas signs)

Mars has the job of action and when this guy retrogrades once every 2 years it is truly not the
time for a major surgery, to get married or rush into things Mars retrogrades at 27 Degrees of
Libra on March 01, 2014 and moves direct at 9 Degrees of Libra May 19, 2014 …This will have
a large affect on all relationships during this time, so speak softly and be nice if possible. Mars is
how we do things and so rethinking how we do relationships in all branches of our life will be
highlighted with Mars in Libra for 5 months rather than its normal 1 and 1/2 month time.

March 2, 2014 Saturn Retrogrades at 23 Scorpio and moves direct on July 20th at 16 Scorpio :
Saturn is the planet of how we organize, structure and discipline our actions and life and this is also the planet of KARMA

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Life’s Purpose

What is your reason for being?  Your life’s purpose?

I was blessed to have a mom  that  taught us to know that I have a reason for choosing this life and everything I do in it.
So I know beyond any doubt; I am here to teach that love is forgiveness and to heal and give my messages from spirit.
What  do you think yours is?
A video I made a few months ago … I think you will laugh and then go  hmmmmm.   lol
Purpose Purpose Purpose Purpose
I hope you take a few minutes in the shower or on your ride to work to think on "Am I on my path for my life’s purpose?"
Crystal shop – this stays here for our use as a group.
Services Starting a new Course in a few weeks, check it out.
Have you ever thought of having a radio show to boost your business?
Learn how to talk to your Angel, Teachers and Guides.

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I have been given much so I must pass it  on to you all.

So I will be  giving away  things  from time to time  in thanks to SOURCE  for giving me so very much in life.

To start, these are  Czech speckled glass. Very  tiny to go with almost any outfit. Light weight non sterling will not feel heavy on your  lobes.




To the first person that EMAILS ME (tashaspeaks@gmail.com)  your  name and  address, I’ll send these to you.   YES FOR  FREE.


Thank you for all your love and support you have given to me over these years. My YouTube / face book / twitter  family has
supported me so  so much and I am truly grateful for you all. I LOVE  YOU














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How to get a Clairvoyant Readings & Energy Healing from Tasha Harris – rates

In the fairness to all I have been told to reduce my rate to $75.00/hr.>>>>  http://www.theeangels.us

WHEN WE MET ON PHONE OR SKYPE….(or instant message)

I have a way to record on Skype. I will send you the copy a couple minutes after your reading.

Please an open  mind and heart.

Please know that on the other side there is no such thing as time so it will require patience.

Please do these things (prior) for a better reading:
YOU MUST BE STILL….not on the bus or walking, talking to others, moving around.
a few sips of warm water – leave by your side
no-one around so you can  help me  bring through your loved ones and guides
soft music with no words
think only good things before hand
ONLY  ANSWER  YES OR NO when I ask if you know of a person place or thing.
When I finish,  I will ask if you have any questions for spirit.

I have since down loaded a recording device for Skype so you can get your reading immediately afterwards.

If we do a reading by phone, you will need to bring a recording device.If you prefer instant message just let me know which you prefer….yahoo or gmail.  Then you will have your own copy of the reading.







Healings in person  or  crystal grid healing  $50.00 hr (grid stay up for healing for 3 days-one price)

tsaha harris crystal grid




THANK YOU  & Bless you

email  tasha@theeangels.us   with   date (1 week from  today).  Time in the afternoon on week days   morning on weekends,  then make your donation and ill see you  there.

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Debra Roberts has your TimeSaver healthy foods for your spirit



Debra Kilgore Roberts is one of the most fascinating, logical, balanced, spirit FILLED  women I know.


I met her in Aug. of 2011 and tho in human time it seems only a few months, I know  we have been together many lifetimes.

I started knowing her as a woman that is growing into her paws. (you know how some breeds have  super large paws  but their body is rather small? but that once pup grows into a massive great  and powerful dog.) She is true  greatness formed in front of my eyes.  She was once  rather soft spoken and demure I feel. Now I see her as ONE OF the women of our history….Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelo, Bella Abzug….so on.


When I first met her  she seemed  shy  and I thought she is so beautiful  I surely  hope  she doesn’t take  shit from the folks  she feeds.  I  hope  they  appreciate her as much as I do.


She talked to me and shared with me as  soon as I met her.  Things  most folks don’t if they had not known you for years.


Debra came to my house one day  and she talked with me for several hours. The sun had gone down and I stood outside to  wave her good bye and I thought…wow, I wonder if she sees how far she has come in her own life.  Then  that made me think of mine and if I had?  I knew I had and I hoped she come back to speak with me again.

I bought some food from her service and she came the next  day  bright eyed a bushy tailed.

We  sat again  for  many  hours  talking and  listening to her show her love for one  she trusted and it was so  refreshing to HEAR HER TALK OF ONE THIS WAY.    Now  days  we  don’t  take time to see ALL THINGS as  glorious lessons…..DEBRA DOES.  That was so  refreshing.




After that we have sat for  tons of hours re-learning  each other form lifetimes past and talking on the things we would do  together this lifetime.


It is so  very very  refreshing to  hear a person speak on lessons they  CAME FROM THE LESSON OF  ____  experience   and now  they move fluidly into a different lesson and happily  so.

I heard  her  story of  the how’s and why’s of her life,  raising 4  BEAUTIFUL  WONDERFUL SWEET KIND  children.  Hearing her goals  she had made for herself and  I see she has achieved and is  achieving still.

She has come full circle I FEEL – FROM MY SPIRIT TO HERS THAT IS.  I am so so  blessed to have a  sister friend in my life  that   will stick to her guns and do things  that MAYBE used to be
frightening  her or  was a bit  to  high for her reach  AT  ONE POINT IN LIFE.


I see this woman who  once  maybe  would not have (???)  come to my home to talk to  me or, or, or…..


image Debra is a magnanimous woman  that has  supported me thru many trials when others that call themselves my ‘friend’ have not.  For this I oft call her  MA  OR  SISTER ….out of the sheer respect of her.   I feel when you do  things you don’t have to do  AFER WORKING AND SERVING OTHERS AND  PUTTING UP WITH  SHIT AND AND AND AND……you don’t have to call Tasha and ask…..IS THERE ANYTHING YOU NEED TO DO?   I  cry at how wonderful  that feeling is  since I have only  recently  known it.
Tho she feels free to call me by name… I should call her  QUEEN….as  the  respect …time … pride  …honor… she gives to me….it would be fitting.   Happy she accepts me as I am and allows me  freedom to call her whatever I feel at the time.


We  oft  go to the  thrift store and I see people try to  GET HER GOAT  and I wonder what will she say. When out pops  something funny  and  quick witted, yet to the point,  I just look at her and smile.   You must  understand it is not from a protective stand point I say this.  We both have the lesson of THINKING  AND RESPONING FASTER  that would  do use good to learn…..I FEEL.    SHE DID  and  we both just  stand there laughing to  the other.   It nice having secrets with a sister friend.

She has lovely  children,  goals, dreams, challenges and she faces them all with her head held high. She manages her life and family and business as a well run machine. She faces things head on  and  created her very own  website,  she figured out twitter and face-book. She is a  woman of  great honor and respect and  you  SHOULD  love her as much as I do.


Please feel free to use her services wont you?  If you live in the San Jose / Campbell are please call her  in advance to place your healthy food order that will be delivered the next day. https://timesaverlunch.wordpress.com/

If you are a mother that needs education in the herbs and other NON WESTERN  meds/ideas for your children that MAY  OR MAY NOT  ACT OUT, or merely have a change in behaviors …please  writer her.   Her knowledge on children’s behaviors (In regards to their foods and medicines they might be taking)  is  vast like the ocean. connectwithdebra@gmail.com Feel free to barter for your  love offering  or  just simply donate for the information she will share with you  that  only  a mother of the  earth could. (ask her for that paypal  address)

She is an esthetician and healer.  She is a crafter and builder. She has a new VIRTUAL ASSISTANT  business….tweeting and marketing for those that have their own business that don’t know  how to do these things for themselves.


i am so proud to introduce you all to  DEBRA KILGORE ROBERTS….my  mother,  sister, friend.











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Book of shadows – first full moon ritual of the year

my full moon grid for myself 400

To me this felt like  my  first Yule  that i knew  SOME of the words i want to use and  how i want to do it.

I felt like i just passed a big test.   It  was about 30 min long.my longest  ritual so far.

I set up in plenty of time and i am getting ready for the next full moon and  lmbolc.

so I set up my grid  the week before and had it  DRESSED with oils and herbs and powders. I had all the things next to it  that i didn’t want anyone to see…. i was  really  ready.

I opened my circle by  Invoke the deities.  I followed Fox’s ritual format until i got to Bridgets Isles…of  Lewis.  the ???lowlesh (?) stones…  and i sat there and  did  what the ritual was about for me….and let those entities  do what i asked them to do.

I felt  like i was leaving my body  for a few seconds and i could feel  hands on my body.  I could see the outline of the spirits around me….thru my  closed lids.

I sat there for  maybe  15 min and then started to  say ty to the deities and closing.

I dont know  what I  thought  I expected  but it sure was a great feeling,  a great  learning experience and mostly  a  great  healing  transformation.

I gotta go do my next  one for the  waning moon….i love  finding  new  ways of healing me and others.

BABY STEPS  but glad to be learning.



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BOS-Growing Growing Growing my spirit and my kitchen witchery




I’m having such a great time in assisting others on their healing process.

I find that  even though I have been healing for years it all feels  brand new…learning,  trying new items of machinery and so on.

I have gotten 3 clients already and I am waiting for my new items that were donated in order to proceed with the healing process.

Now I am considering the  magical aspects as well as the (??) normal purpose for the plant. I feel good about being more public about my healings and readings. I hope to be able to do my divine job  better and be able to do it for more and more people.

currently I am getting guidance from spirit to create a all natural low grade cough syrup for children that can also be use for adults.

I know this may be out there already but trust me….it will be great.  I  have my guides  and  I have my magic, we are a powerful team.

Did you get your healing in today?

I’m off to put some magic into my veggie lasagna.


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Book of shadows – tools n things Samhain

tasha harris  tools



I have seen  many vids now on the subject…I am  in  school,  I am  bliss-filled to be learning a new thing.


I know many  humans  celebrate Christmas, never made much sense to me as I believe in  giving  cuz i love you not  cuz my  brother may  have  necessarily  born.  Thats just me  dont  write a comment bout it.


I have my tools,  and I am  ready to  do my  second  homework assignment.


Ok, so  i cant find any roses  for my  rose water…yeah I know  I live in Cali  and  no  roses  in a two block radius.   I will prevail. Tomorrow I have been promised  roses  by  a  dear friend…  I can’t  wait.  I  will  do a vid  and post it here  soon.


But I am  just excited at the  notion of healing  those  under my  crystal  AMANI  and knowing they  will be  feeling better in no time.


Being a healer i  love everyone of course, but those in pain have my attention  NOW!!!


I will also be making a vid on  building my  crystal  grid  and  of course now I use all my  tools of herbs and blessings -  spells in a ritual.  All things positive i know that my  customers  will be  up to snuff in  no time.


I am blessed to have many  teachers come to  help me learn  and  I am having a  good time learning by many.   I am on a mission….BETTER  HELAING  IWTH  GOOD MINDS.  meaning-  YOU WANT TO BE HEALED.


I hope you want to be healed and I look forward to learning form you  and  with you all.


I thank you     I love you


Soon  you will see pics of my  new altar for Samhain and I think this one will mean more…because I have a lil bit more knowledge than the last one.   :-)  It will be simple of course as  I dont  have need or desire for  fancy or  extreme….well..not yet  anyway.  lol  (I said the same thing  about beads  and now i have  thousands of dollars  worth of natural beads)


Crystal Blessings to you all.






I  can not  tell you how nice it is  to  receive  REAL  colored  leaves from my brother and sister  Adam & Val.   Thank you  so much for thinking  of me.

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