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How to ground – just one easy way I know of





We have learned why we need to ground, and a little on grounding.


  My guides and teachers tell ‘ME’ to do it this way.  You will be

  instructed on how you should do yours when you are able to hear them

  tell you.

Let’s get started.

Everyone in your immediate space must leave – unless they too are learning.

You must be able to have silence and oneness with yourself.


  Warm water

  Music (no lyrics if you chose to use quiet music.)

  Timer (Until you can tell your body to stop on time. set to ring

  softly if possible.)

  White sage – smudging you and your surroundings (it smells kind of like weed,

  just so ya know before hand.)

  Comfy chair, pillows, floor.


  Light the sage and let it smolder and fan it over you ad your

  surroundings to be blessed.(Smudging – American Indians use this

  process for a spiritual cleansing.)

  Sit legs and arms uncrossed.

  Timer  – minutes

  Prayer for protection

  Sip warm water


  Close your eyes. let the sounds of nature wash over you. (whatever you

  choose to listen to if you do.)

  GROUND (I will use my grounding tool and you can substitute your own

  if you like.)


  Envision your body walking in the middle of a huge Redwood tree.

  Sit like you are sitting in a chair in the middle of the tree and

  visualize you sitting in the tree.


  From the inside I want you to look around the inside of the tree. Feel

  your body safe inside the many layers of tree bark.  You are safe and

  protected.  Look down and see the roots that go 600 feet into the

  ground. Now look up and see the branches that also go 300 feet up.



  Take this precious time now to just listen to your spirit and or a

  full five minutes this is all I want you to do in this exercise.

  Inhale the sage and absorb it into your spirit and body thru the tree.

  Feel the warmth of its protection, shielding you from any harm.

  Know that at some point you will know the names of all your spirit

  teachers, guides and loved one.


  Most importantly you will know your doorkeeper, the one that doesn’t

  let anything in or out of your spirit/environment while you are in

  trance or doing a service.


  In this five minute I want you to also just concentrate on love for the

  whole universe. see white light covering the earth planet.

  Our five  minutes should almost be up now.  Tell your body not to be

  alarmed as the timer goes off.


Later you will awake and be back in your body automatically.

Once you do shut off the alarm …take a slow sip of water and just

site for a while until you are fully back in your body.

Next time have one question for your guides to answer you with.


Next lesson  How to meditate. (first time version only)

Please note- I am not the only way and this is only one of the ways I teach this.


Soon I will have my videos finished and you will be able to buy the set of HOW TO’s.
If you are interested please send an email.


Please do no hesitate to rite me with any ideas/questions you may have.


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Introducing to you – Life Tree Networks



It is such an honor to finally meet one that is able to not only keep his word
but he is persistent and moves forward in his spiritual path.

Not only does he work as a manager of one of the world largest restaurants ,
he goes to school and now has his own live business on line.

I am proud to present one of my best students, turned adopted son.

Let me be the first to introduce you to Ryan Haugen.


He is not only wise but he has the STICKTOITIVENESS that will make him a true success.

Not only did he ask for assistance…he was one of thee only young men that stuck with this long process
Of learning, teaching and growing.

I am very proud of him and so thankful that God put him in my life.

Welcome to  LIFE TREE NETWORKS !!!!!



The angels are always with us ~~
Tasha Harris



Thee Angels Network
456 North Winchester Bl Suite 1
Santa Clara
California 95050
United States

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Top 7 HOW-TO’s I get asked about daily.



The lesson that will be coming up are as follows:

What is grounding?



Meditate? (first timers lesson)

Find out my gift/s?

Find out the names of my spirit guides?

Keep others from stealing my energy?

How do I use / know when to use my gifts?


So far these are my top 7 question from my students and others that see my videos.


Please feel free to ask me anything you like.


Email me if you like about anything.



If you are shy, feel free to join my 2 lists.  free.  Angels Teachers & Guides ~~ 2 minutes with Tash



Thank you for allowing me in your life.

What questions can I answer for you?

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Why do we need to ground yourself?




Number one answer…to protect your soul and body from anything negative.




Right now I want you to use your very first five minutes only to feel  warm safe and “protected” from the outside world.

You may use anything you like for protection as long as you feel safe.

Examples –
Balloon, vault, tree, box, tent……

Anything that you can put you in to be totally and fully enveloped.

Then you have what is called a ~~DOOR KEEPER. He/ she is a spiritual entity that protects any other entity from getting in your body or disturbing you while you are in deep meditation/ trance/ sleep(a form of meditation or astral travel)

Mine – Jeremiah – informs me of things desiring to talk to me or do any harm to me while in trance state.
(some door keepers are Gods animal children as well. They are not only ‘human’ protectors.)

Warm water
Soft music – if you use it WITH NO WORDS.
Comfy place to sit with uncrossed arms and legs.

Let’s get started

Smudge yourself with the white sage and in the area you are meditating in
Turn on music – VERY LOW- and sip your warm water.
Say a prayer for protection(mine is below)
Set your alarm for only 5 minutes
Sit down and figure out which protection you feel most comfortable with.
(I will use mine for now – **Redwood tree)

Close your eyes ~~
I want you to only sit here now and think of walking into the inside of that massive tree. Visualize you literally walking in the middle of it and sitting down.

Now look and see how far down the roots go ..  about 600 feet out in the earth. The tree is about 300 feet high and this is why I choose a Redwood tree.

Feel it hugging you with love and kindness. Feel its vibration on you,  in you. Become one with your protection and FIRSTLY grow with it to the point of being able to instantly go in it and sit down, lay down…and be one INSTNATLY so you can begin your service. (reading, healing, teaching, whatever)

If this is challenging then just focus your attention on a happy moment in your life. Stay focused on that one thing only.

Then go back to your protection and feel it around you. talk to it and ask it to feel you….be one with your protection.


Even a long prayer session, ground first always. The faster you learn how to do it the faster you can get your answer in life and stop having to ask others.

Staying in the highest vibration is the utmost of importance to al light workers.

Even if you have a head ache please postpone your session until you are totally one with yourself & your doorkeeper/guides.

UNGROUND Please !!!!

Before you open your eyes I want you to take 3 full very deep breaths…expand your lungs beyond its capability. Through your nose and out your mouth…slowly.

Sit very still and keep breathing.

As  you slowly come back in your body feel your spirit enter your body again and settle together and then you may wake up and be one with yourself again.

How do you feel? Email me, I’d love to know, if you opt not to put it in comments.


I will be offering this with the first GUIDED meditation via .WAV file next month. Please feel free to mail me with your request so you can be the first to have your guided meditation. (Of course there are many ways, I am not saying my way is the only way or the best. It works for my clients and students.)


Make sure you journal Please. The info will be so important to you later – I promise.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.



Thank you for being here,

www.theeangels.us <<<< my course is here Angels Teacher & Guides



**I choose this site due to the TREE facts not to encourage anyone to join anything.
~~I must admit I have not heard the NAMES used here but I do agree with the main content, in the purpose of how they (spirits/guides…work.) Great –main page- info site.

may the light of god surround us
may the love of god in fold us
may the power of go protect us
may the presence of god watch over us 
where ever you are god is and all is well

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I am worth anything



What is your hearts desire today?


Have you longed to have time to yourself?
Why don’t you have it? You deserve it…don’t you?
Do you think you are not worthy of happiness?

There is no  one greater than you right now in this time and space.

You are all that matters right now.

Breathe and just enjoy that one breathe. Now hug you and tell you, you are worthy of
anything you desire. 



PLEASE just take a minute to just…  sit in the bathroom (if that is all you have) and just be thankful for you today.


If you need help…email me.







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