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Book of Shadows – infused oils – Ritual Downloads




Dear BOS  i was so  excited to read  CHARMINGPIXE FLORAS newsletter and found one that would turn my understanding around.  I respect the fact that we  dont NEED to share everything..but i  still wanted to know  no  i need some  deeper directions.   Fox  had my  direction and i ordered her  ritual instructions and i feel  like a new  born babe.


Fox has a sweet  clear sound soothing heart warming voice that pulls you into her vibration and makes you want to go  AHHHH.   I am so grateful I found her and I am so happy  to finally have more  answers.


I listened to my new teacher and heard her sweetness as i  made my 3 infused oils for my new MEDICINE BAGS i will soon make.  It felt as if she were standing right next to me…coaching me thru, giving me faith that i couldn’t…MESS UP.

i  have always been a healer and tho i didn’t take much pride in it when i was younger i sure do now.  knowing that i will one day  be on a bigger scale of things, i prepared my oils with love and poured into them bits of my soul that would then go on to heal others with  the plant properties and my love.  i was so excited i dare not answer my  ringing phone.

i talked to my new healing creations and i wondered what FOX was doing right now…as her voice washed over me like a rainbow.   my lemon lip balm came out a tiny bit dry  but it felt good to me as i dont like that  greasy feeling that makes you have to reach for a tissue to wipe the corners of your mouth.

my lil apt now smells of  an herb store and  lemons.  i love it !!!


i must collect more  jars and stack them proudly  on my floor, label them carefully and pour love and healing into each and every one.


yeah…i know…many make salves and tinctures….but i am TASHA, i am  the spirit daughter of Coventina and i know she pours her love and water healing into my jars and tins as well. i heal those that the universe sends to me for healing ..nothing more.


Crystal Blessing and Blessed BE to you all.








i only   made 5 and they are spoken for …ill make more soon as i get  more olive oil.



my brewing infused oils.

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Book of Shadows – Esbat






As I learn new words and what they mean to some …then others; I find myself like a child having fun learning more and more.

So in the process of trying to learn  what to do when I have/do a ritual.. i did my ritual something like….

having my special treat of monkey bread and wine from my  new chalice (feeling rather goddess like)  while sending out blessings for the world and pretending we were all at one table eating and feeding each other.

I blessed my  ancestors and the family i have now in this physical life.

I did a few other things  while  sitting and  staring at her loveliness.

Mostly i felt grateful for all the good I have in my life. Then I asked  Coventina to allow and help me shine brighter and heal more people that are in need of a simple things as a herb or stone to make them…well to make them just ……. SMILE.

I am curious now….what did you do for esbat?






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BOS-Growing Growing Growing my spirit and my kitchen witchery




I’m having such a great time in assisting others on their healing process.

I find that  even though I have been healing for years it all feels  brand new…learning,  trying new items of machinery and so on.

I have gotten 3 clients already and I am waiting for my new items that were donated in order to proceed with the healing process.

Now I am considering the  magical aspects as well as the (??) normal purpose for the plant. I feel good about being more public about my healings and readings. I hope to be able to do my divine job  better and be able to do it for more and more people.

currently I am getting guidance from spirit to create a all natural low grade cough syrup for children that can also be use for adults.

I know this may be out there already but trust me….it will be great.  I  have my guides  and  I have my magic, we are a powerful team.

Did you get your healing in today?

I’m off to put some magic into my veggie lasagna.


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My first show n stuff I had a blast


now that it’s over  I am trying to think of new ways to do  it all better.

i have to find a better way to pack so  i dont have to take things out of  76 little bags and then put them all back..hmm  so i am  thinking of  layering things in the soft velvet fabric i have to line my table with.

then i have to find a way to find out about more shows/fairs an such in my own  neighborhood so i can have no excuse to not get the bus to the closer ones.

gotta  go to the dollar store and get lots of  SMALL things to  hold my products on since i am only working with a  card table for a while yet.


but i gotta tell ya  it was like the  folks in  Wire wrapping jewelry told me it would be….fun!!! i had a blast  and now its time to dig in and  do better  be  better   and get my name out in the public.


i’m just motionless today  thinking of all the things i will do different in the future.

i saw this one ladies set up and  of course it looked great….from about  20 feet away.  close up  i noticed that ALLLL HER PROPS  WERE SOOOO  DIRTY  things were starting to peel away.  now maybe to you that seems picky  but momma said  people with judge you by  the silliest of things….hmm  ok  i’ll let that one go for a minute.  another persons things  looked  …well…unfinished…hmmm   i  hope i don’t make those mistakes.  ok ok  maybe i am  a little  ANAL BUT I FIGIRE IT NEVER HURTS TO finish OFF WHAT I START OR HAVE IT LOOKING GREAT ON ALL MY  holders  I USE…IF FOR NO OTHER REASON….NOT TO HAVE “you”  WONDERING IF I AM  DIRTY  IN ALL MY  BUSINESS DEALINGS.

other booths were cute  neat and in  some type of  order of course. i thought on how i would make mine … when i ge tmy  truck… i thought on the  storage bins i would built into a wheeled  suitcase to permanently leave my items in so i dont have to remove them form their protection as i sell from home.   i have it in my head how to  keep it light weight as you know my  chunky stuff is heavy enough already, cant add to much to that.


so for all of you that have been doing this for oh say  the past 15+ years  feel  free to leave a  comment…for those of you that haven’t…you can sit this one out. ..thanks


i dont have the need to be a millionaire off selling my hard work  but it would be nice to be more proficient.


ahhh  back to deep thought i  go…..  i love healing / i love peopel / i love making jewelry.


good day all



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Book of Shadows – new books

BOS- wow i got it today. and…i..umm..feel good that i didn’t allow any-ones opinion sway me. well…you know there were many that said she isnt a good writer or the things she said weren’t on point. but knowing what my mom taught me .. i went on my choice to just sit and BE-STILL. so i was for a few months until IT MOVED ME. and it finally did last week. so um… i got it.
since no one else lives my experiences but me it is only me that matters and no videos on how and why of it all. so i push on, with myself.
the first thing i did was to smudge it….it feels clean now from MY HANDS not anyone elses. i have sit it on my bed while i do b\my chores and i will in a bit sit to drown myself in newness.


so now  i have some knowledge of magical herbs oils brews and slaves…i  feel  glorified that i can now  take my healing in a new more powerful direction.


i will be getting my  herbs from www.thegreeneyedowl.com soon and i can not wait to make my first batch of a glorious  potion.

it’s all about the  healing.


feeling  so emotional.




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