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Woman Empower Thyself – Anna Emert




Please allow me this introduction to a wonderful, beautiful woman that has a loving heart, a giving woman (who I have received many jewelry items from) a woman that loves her life, her family and the world.

If I had a daughter or son I’d want them to spend time with this lady.  Anna is a warm and caring person that loves her business and it shows in her teaching.

I sought after one with great patience to help me learn how to use a program called SHARED VIEW. God sent her to me and I learned this program ONLINE and it was wonderful to have such a glorious teacher.

I know for a fact that YOU NEED HER  for your one on one service or for your corporation.  SHE IS THEE BEST.

A person that loves themselves and their business will hire the right person for the job.  ANNA is your right person, just talk to her and you will see that.


This information is not mine nor do I ever claim any rights to it other than to tell you what a wonderful and powerful this woman is.



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My name is Anna Emert, I am a Computer Instructor for a local Community College.

Local Area (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Tutoring for:

Microsoft Office




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Please contact Anna Emert at (865) 567-6871

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Crystals 101 citrine

Citrine Healing Properties

Healing Citrine polished gemstones♥ Happiness ♥ Prosperity ♥ Generosity ♥ Creativity ♥ Pleasure
♥ Protection ♥ Strength ♥ Alignment ♥ Confidence ♥ Stability
♥ Moderation ♥ Energy ♥ Comfort ♥ Success ♥ Truth ♥ Goodness
♥ Warmth ♥ Digestion ♥ Assimilation ♥ Enjoyment of life
♥ Spiritual growth

Citrine is a variety of Quartz.  Citrine is a 13th Anniversary gemstone.

ChakrasSacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra
Birthstone – November
ZodiacAries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
Planet – Jupiter
Typical colors – yellow to yellowish brown or Smokey grey-brown

Citrine energizes every level of life.  It cleanses the chakras and opens the intuition.  Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success.  It imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm.  Raises self-esteem and self-confidence.  Stimulates the brain, strengthening the intellect.  Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression.  Enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind.  It releases negative traits, depression, fears and phobias.  Emotionally balancing.

Energizing and recharging, Citrine also reverses degenerative disease.  Stimulates digestion, the spleen and pancreas.  Negates kidney and bladder infections.  Citrine helps eye problems, increases blood circulation, detoxifies the blood, activates the thymus and balances the thyroid.  Relieves constipation and removes cellulite.




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