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Crystal Healing using everything it takes to heal others









Many  young ones ask me the hows  whys  and  aren’t you embarrassed by  doing this  questions.
I have not been  embarrassed to do anything GOD given  since i was  16.

I put the power – what little it is – to use that I know the universe has given me to heal others.

I am not saying to against any doctors orders an I am but a a Dr. of Metaphysical Sciences and not a  Dr. of medicine.

I know that faith and love can change anything. My family  cured my granny of cancer   so i know  anything really  is possible with the mind and  WILL.

If  you think you can ….then you can make things  happen  with you  spirit  your mind  and  then your  body  – by maybe making a  lil  place for yourself to pray or just  visualize  good things like  birds and trees.  you are so much more capable than you  ever give yourself credit for.














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Book of shadows – first full moon ritual of the year

my full moon grid for myself 400

To me this felt like  my  first Yule  that i knew  SOME of the words i want to use and  how i want to do it.

I felt like i just passed a big test.   It  was about 30 min long.my longest  ritual so far.

I set up in plenty of time and i am getting ready for the next full moon and  lmbolc.

so I set up my grid  the week before and had it  DRESSED with oils and herbs and powders. I had all the things next to it  that i didn’t want anyone to see…. i was  really  ready.

I opened my circle by  Invoke the deities.  I followed Fox’s ritual format until i got to Bridgets Isles…of  Lewis.  the ???lowlesh (?) stones…  and i sat there and  did  what the ritual was about for me….and let those entities  do what i asked them to do.

I felt  like i was leaving my body  for a few seconds and i could feel  hands on my body.  I could see the outline of the spirits around me….thru my  closed lids.

I sat there for  maybe  15 min and then started to  say ty to the deities and closing.

I dont know  what I  thought  I expected  but it sure was a great feeling,  a great  learning experience and mostly  a  great  healing  transformation.

I gotta go do my next  one for the  waning moon….i love  finding  new  ways of healing me and others.

BABY STEPS  but glad to be learning.



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