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Time to morph into a new TASH !!!

I didn’t tell you  that I was becoming a  new and different  Tasha  did I?

I think it is about time for you to know.
I am still gonna be  BLUNT,  OVERBEARING AND HONEST TO A FAULT….with more of my silliness that I may have not shown before.

I will be learning to  do new things … like: drink those  healthy drinks….no I am not becoming a  vegan or anything like that; I love my  chicken and fish to much.

I am morphing into a healthier tasha though  and I am ready for her mind and  spirit to change right along with that.  a wiser – still funny-  tash is coming out to let her new hair down and get over the last two things she was a bit shy about and let folks in that she didn’t want to.  It is time for new and different.

I need to share with other how I feel about some things  that i have held onto for way to long. I want to include you and learn form you all things i had not thought to learn before…a journey into my next level.

You  in?


aprox  2 weeks ago i started drinking my  veggies so i can die healthy.  I will die cuz I am ready to go  home  not  from  ????  whatever  that doc  said.

I now walk no less than 2.2 miles per day…shut up ..it’s a start.

I take better care of me than I ever have before.



let’s talk,  shall we?




September 14, 2011 - Posted by | Metaphysics, Spiritualism


  1. This is awesome Tasha!

    Comment by Ayana Weaver | September 14, 2011

  2. Thank you for being the type of person that doesn’t hold onto negative things hun.
    it is so nice to SEE you again….been bout a year ….how sweet of you.
    I hope you are doing well.

    Comment by tashaharris | September 14, 2011

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