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When you seek to be at peace you will find your true self

It would be many moons ago now that granny taught me that important lesson of finding peace within myself.

After many years I have fund that bit of information not only true, but well learned.

Each day we all go through ups and downs call life.

Each day we try our best to get through them.

Have you tried to just sit still and be at peace with yourself?

Once you just imagine this idea, try it. It works once you ut it in your routine.

Is it so impossible to think you could be happier, strong more spiritual if you just let all other junk go.

You will be at peace with you and let all other things go and you will be happier with you in the long run of life.

Just try it.  We can try it together if you like.

My life flows smoothly and effortlessly since I put me first and love me first. I let go of things I can not change and all judgments on others.

I know who I am and where I am going in every area of my life.


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You know what is good about life?

You are in it!!!

No matter what anyone may ask you today just Agree to agree.

Once you take out JUDGEMENT, out of your life, it will be free. So today I practice letting go of all negative thoughts…I possibly can.

Where the mind goes the behind follows

Now go forth and you use your gifts with confidence and know….

God didn’t bring you this far to let you fail.

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How do I get over people being afraid of me…

It is quite normal that when we try to use our gifts that others make fun of us or try to put us down for it.

Humans always fear what they do not understand.

I have no clue why one would desire that…yet it happens.

I want to tell you that only one of two things can happen.

1- Fight- you hold your head high and use your gifts openly and without fear.

2- Flight- you choose to MAYBE,  loose your gift for others fears. You hide it and try to “come out” like a gay person might do…slowly and with much difficulty.

Having a very strong mother I never had to worry about this. I did of course get called a demon or devil and I just smiled and said “ok, thanks.” Like mom told me to do. Then they went away once I didn’t try to fight them.

At all times when you try to do a thing that is not NORMAL, it is difficult.

There is but one thing to do….face your challange with grace an honor.

If God (whoever you believe in) was in front of you and said  DO YOU CHOOSE TO OR NOT?  what would you say to that being?

I hope you choose to learn how to use your gift and face the HAND FULL of people that put you down once or twice.  It will pass and you will become stronger for it.

Do you live for them or do you live to help others that may be trying to help the world have love and peace?

I choose love every  time.

I still have at least one person every two months or so challange me on what i know works for me.  They loose every time because though I stay open to all new ideas,  I have mine that have worked for me for sum  47 years now and I must use my gifts daily in order for me to have and keep peace in my life.

I choose peace, knowing that the ones challenging me will disappear soon enough. They drift off to torment another.

What life do yo want for yourself, friends, children?  I hope it is one of character and value.

I hope you choose faith over fear.

I hope you choose to LIVE AND GROW.

The world needs you and your talants.

God bless you

Please feel free to write me if you need one to grow with.  I have classes now that can hlep you also.

This is my purpose for being in this life. I can help you too.

On my site you can quietly join my mailing list that helps you learn to use your gifts in the privacy of your own home.  Angels, Teachers & Guides is my newest class online for learning and growing with you.


Tasha Harris


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YOU ROCK…..yeahhh ya do :-)

I can feel it, can you? Every day you let go – you can grow.

Your progress is steady and focused now.



Now treat yourself to something wonderful.

Change that negative thought in for a positive one.

Only plan to succeed

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