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4-drawing by JJPRODUCTIONS10 for the name that will get the wedding earring. (next saturday)

( http://www.youtube.com/user/JJPR0DUCTI0NS10 )


The end result of ‘my’  wedding earrings is this.


HPIM5219 <<< click on them to enlarge  then hit BACK button


Thank you all for all your wonderful gracious support of me in the beginning of my business.

Please go here to find my 2 tuber deals from last week… another.

I will be adding things to the store today so please have a look. www.tashastouch.com


I look forward to creating for you.


Tasha L. Harris



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2 Minutes with Tash



I am so honored when some of my clients/students make time from their busy schedules to make a little vid in my honor.


Thank you Ayana.



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Ms. Ayana Weaver is a woman of substance, strength, honor and intuition.

I am so blessed that God put this glorious human in my life. She has taught me so much about housing, motherhood, life and love.

She is an entrepreneur and mother that teaches others about housing and how to feel sexy for yourself.

She has been in the housing business for the past 17 years. Teaching low income ladies and men how to get into a home they can raise their children in safely. (no you don’t have be be low income)

Her intuition helps guide her in finding you the right HOME for you to find peace and harmony.

Her other business helps men and women feel that extra bit of romance they might need to feel good for themselves. We all need to feel sexy be you male or female. I buy many products from her for my clients and loved ones.

I hope you love yourself enough to let her show you some things that might make you feel sexy.

When I have challenged in FEELING PRETTY I go to her store and buy me a little something and once again I feel like a queen.


PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF enough to get something that make you/mate feel special.


You can find her videos here. she teaches us thing on various topics.

Her beautiful sexy business is here.

TODAY I hope you allow yourself the freedom to find your sexiness with my business partner Ayana.




If you are a EMPOWERED WOMAN please write me, I’d love to do an article on you as well.


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Woman Empower Thyself TS SexyChanel






I have had the great and honorable pleasure of meeting ONE OF God’s finest children about two years ago now.

I have had the pleasure of giving this lovely lady a reading and IF you believe in my gifts you will trust that she is the soulful person you see in her many videos on youtube.

In having many personal and professional conversation with this great lady I have learned so much about myself as a human as well as her as a worker of God and social humanities of children and human rights.

Once you see a few of her videos you will understand why I feel she is great.

Her business is one she enjoys and then she teaches our children the pros and cons of her business as well as thousands of adults that sub to her channel.  I must say it is very refreshing to find a woman of values enough to NOT be embarrassed by what she loves to do as a business and therefore tells others what to look out for in that business.

I am so happy that she takes the shame out of the business and i praise her for it. She is a woman of value, truth and I respect her highly.

I would want her to teach my little girl the value of life and business if i had one.

Chanell, I love you…I am so very very happy that God put you in my life…I praise you for your right to be hu-man and for teaching it to us all.

I hope everyone that reads this goes to the link above (youtube) and look at her latest video …it speaks the  truth about human rights.

Thank you so much TS SexyChanel for the clarity you bring to us and our children.






Tasha Harris

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Tasha L Harris has a new office number

Comcast took it upon themselves to give me a new number when I asked only to MOVE my service to my new address.

I am sorry to my customers and students that have emailed me for my new number, thank you  you shouldn’t have had to go thru that trouble.

My new office number is


I am unpacking this weekend and I will get started on
your jewelry items on Tuesday afternoon.
your VA work on Monday night
your new homework on Tuesday morning
your readings Monday night

Thank you for being supportive through my move I greatly appreciate it.


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