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Book of Shadows – first Mabon

I know that one belief is as strong as another…but  when you name something one thing the world thinks you are a demon. THANK GOD/DESS I DONT CARE ABOUT  OTHERS OPINION OF ME.  i believe in many things and i  feel they all  marry the other.

blog,  journal,  notes,  book of shadows….all the same to me…my learning note i put on paper…in this case for all to see  as  i dont need to hide…well…not everything.  lol       i can say this in front of you  i want you to learn as  i do…slowly and in good time.


So knowing this  i  give you my first  Mabon altar.

tashas first mabon

Not  so scary  huh?  To  celebrate  the autumn for reasons i adore and respect,  hey  – i’d want someone to celebrate my son too.

it is not fancy like some  GORGEIOUS  altars …til  i get there i think mine is pretty and suits its purpose…


Mabon Lore

Autumn Equinox, around September 21, is the
time of the descent of the Goddess into the
Underworld. With her departure, we see the
decline of nature and the coming of winter.
This is a classic, ancient mythos, seen the
Sumerian myth of Inanna and in the ancient
Greek and Roman legends of Demeter and

I do not  need to BUY everything as it is all SYMBOLISM  in any case  …   i will of course share my new items as i buy them.

here are a couple of stores i have looked into…if you have a favorite pls let me know.



just like any  new thing i am  overjoyed with learning and reading everything i get my hands on  and yes i did buy  Scott Cunningham’s herb  book and some other things.

i feel  kinda  light and carefree with my new  learning almost like a big brown  fairies as it were…lol   but i feel good learning and trying new things…as this belief was already a part of me…my  spirit.

i have always love ceremonies and what they  represent no matter the faith or background.   so you know i am  happy this system ahs many  and for many  great  reasons.

THANK YOU JENN…..love the info you share with us


so to you and those of you learning with me….  HAPPY  MABON to you all!!!

happy learning to you.

How my new change came to be.




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Processing New Lessons

I attracted  several years ago now, a man that is so wise and wonderful I really didn’t know just what a special angel I had on my  hands.


One of my best teachers  god could LOAN to me this lifetime…..



ryans site



This  blog will be  my online  BOOK OF SHADOWS  as I go thru these lessons Ryan will be teaching  US.


Wont you join in?  Make it easy for me…he gives tests.  LOL!!!!



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Tired (the beginning of a new novella)



I am working on my next contemporary anthology and this popped into my head today.******




by Tasha Harris on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 9:32pm

She heard the door close but it wasn’t followed by her name. She put dinner on its warmer.

She walks past him, his eyes shut and she waits to see if he will open them. His eyeballs were dancing under their covers. She sits his plate down to see if that will stir him. Not much just some baked chicken with veggies and a small salad. She goes back for his drink. He is still breathing lightly when she comes back to the fainting chair. 

She sits across from him and watches him rest. He works so hard and yet at times like these there isn’t much she can do to slow him down. She went up to start his bath.  When he does that soft talking thing,  she knows  he will wake shortly after. The smell of the bubbles revitalized her long enough to set out his favorite teddy for her and shorts for him.

She heard his phone ring she trotted down stairs; handed him his phone and sat next to him.  “I’ll be there.” The conversation was kept short. He looked at her thru sleepy eyes and then to his plate on the warmer still. He leans over and kisses her cheek softly before removing the top from the plate.  He gives out a little deep guttural giggle. “Something smells good.”  He smiles softly over at her.

“You mean me or the food?” she laughed.

“Different spices, I like it.” He wiped his mouth on the cloth napkin. She got up and turned  the news on.  He spoke to her of this new deal he and Brian were working on and asked her opinion. He studied her as she did him for the hour they talked.

He finished and headed up the stairs. “Got that meeting in a couple hours baby.” She shut off the tv and followed him upstairs.

He sat on the edge of the bed still tired. “Baby.”  She stood in front of him and held his head on her abdomen and stroked him softly.  He clung to her large soft hips and hugged her ass tightly. “You only had an hour nap …” 

“I can’t now, you know that.” She pulled his arms from her body and pulled him up and pushed him toward the waiting bubble bath.

He reclined against her breast. She rubbed his baby soft skin and not a peep came from her chocolate lips.

“I will take some time off after this.” She sighed. “Yes I know I said that before. I will this time, I know I need a break from everything.  So much has happened this past two years. The merger, then the probate from great granny passing.”  He sighed a heavy sigh. “The emergency trip to Japan didn’t help us become any closer either. That was a hard six months being apart.”

She kissed his head and leaned over to turn on their favorite jazz station.  Summer madness by Cool and the Gang poured through the speakers in the wall.

The meeting lasted past midnight and she had a showing in the morning; she slid between the sheets and set the phone next to her in bed.

It would be the wee hours of the morning when she felt his thick fingers wrap around her waist to pull her closer into his curvature.

“I love you, you know?”

“Yes I do know.”  He agreed as he nuzzled his nose in her thick frothy hair and fell to sleep.


***to be continued









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Time to morph into a new TASH !!!

I didn’t tell you  that I was becoming a  new and different  Tasha  did I?

I think it is about time for you to know.
I am still gonna be  BLUNT,  OVERBEARING AND HONEST TO A FAULT….with more of my silliness that I may have not shown before.

I will be learning to  do new things … like: drink those  healthy drinks….no I am not becoming a  vegan or anything like that; I love my  chicken and fish to much.

I am morphing into a healthier tasha though  and I am ready for her mind and  spirit to change right along with that.  a wiser – still funny-  tash is coming out to let her new hair down and get over the last two things she was a bit shy about and let folks in that she didn’t want to.  It is time for new and different.

I need to share with other how I feel about some things  that i have held onto for way to long. I want to include you and learn form you all things i had not thought to learn before…a journey into my next level.

You  in?


aprox  2 weeks ago i started drinking my  veggies so i can die healthy.  I will die cuz I am ready to go  home  not  from  ????  whatever  that doc  said.

I now walk no less than 2.2 miles per day…shut up ..it’s a start.

I take better care of me than I ever have before.



let’s talk,  shall we?




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Change…thee only constant

No matter how much we do or don’t like it  ….it will happen.


I am growing and taken better care of TASHA and in doing so I must LISTEN.


i am taking better care of MEEEE.




You be the change  that starts those ripples  growing.



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