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Colors, Dreams, Vissions- can they be interpreted by others?


Many have written books, had seminars and get paid handsomely for interpreting others  colors, dreams and so on.

Granny said no one can d it better than you. what I am talking about here is many rely on this way to much – like getting a reading for every boy-friend or girl-friend -every time you think they are breaking up with you. You may have.the desire for an EASY fix.

When if you just TUNE IN  for yourself, you wil be able to SEE for yourself what other choices you may have.


I am not saying that this gift doesn’t exist. I am saying – learn to do it for yourself.

With many out there just using their gifts (if real) to make a quick buck, it is easy for the NOT TO GOOD ONES to take advantage of you. (NO NOT EVERYONE)

You have the control and mind to do it for you. WE are ALL intuitive, just listen to that gut feeling that tells  TURN LEFT.  then you find there was an accident that you could have avoided.

LISTEN TO YOU!!! You are so much greater than you know.


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Alone with only you and your spirit – may be disturbing


It gives you the chance to really sit and know who you are for you and not what the girls think; the boss, children, mate.

When we seek to love ourselves, we can have the whole world. The entire universe opens up to us all.

When you love you and HEAR your spirit, things begin to flow more fluid and in peaceful order. Your spirit knows you love you and it accepts all the good that your higher being choose for you.

Things fall into place. You find things you once lost. You get that job you secretly desired. You get that mate you thought you didn’t want, but they were the right one for you all along.

You will start eatting better, feeling better and you will receive your hearts desire in all areas of you life.

Just sit for a moment and close your eyes and try to imagine what BLISS would look like to you.

Tell me….I want you to reply back with your total bliss statement.

If you are challenged with this I want you to write me and I will be more than willing to pull some answers out of you if you so desire. I don’t mind assisting…it is MY PURPOSE.

That is what “I” feel  BLISS is….being on your lifes purpose and then gettin all you seek for a life you fill with happiness.

If you don’t love being with you…..why would anyone else?

Do you love you?

Can you pretend to be this butterfly and feel and know you are so beautiful?

You have the world at your fingertips. You can go anywhere and do anything or have anything you desire. Do you see that?

I wish you love and peace.

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When frustration occurs, remember to be your true self


When your boss is rude to you (or anyone) how long do you allow it to keep you upset?

Do you talk it over and over in your mind remembering every little detail?

Maybe you have the desire to make the perfect plan to get back at that person, who hurt your feelings in some way.

Do you really take atvantage of the anger and see it through to harming the other person?

Do you sit down in a quiet place and talk to you about the situation that happened?

Do you sit and pray?

Are you an  eater /drinker – out of emotions?

I’d like for you to consider next time,  REMEMBERING your spirit.

I mean just try to sit down and recall what you think  your higher being might like for you to do. If you do not have one, then a person you respect, what would they say to you if you can’t tell you anything on this matter?

I hope they would encourage you to be STILL, think clearly and just breathe.

Then you can move on to think slowly and clearly….right?

Now then, you remember that you are the special person that has a lesson to teach that other person. I mean a lesson of peace, love and understanding.

I dont mean to get back at them or anything mean. I mean to teach YOU and them to learn peace and love and not have the need to GET THEM BACK.

Once we remember to love above all  we then can progress to forgiving faster and letting go faster and then  at some point in your life – you would be able to let it go instantly.

Once I stopped having the desire to FIX them, I gained my tranquility faster and therefore I got my good more and faster in life.

I have no desire to FIX anyone, I do have the desire to love me and help me get over it faster to live a better life.

Now I merely talk to my sister about and i am over it.

I only allow me to talk on it once and move on. I then reward me by doing some little thing i desiered and I feel better.

Their ignorance has nothing to do with you what so ever.

You learn and grown as you choose to.  Choose wisely and see that if you choose to GET BACK AT THEM, it will only be YOU that is truly unhappy.


Be you …that beautiful person that was created for a much bigger purpose than gettin revenge.  You are way to good for that.

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5 Energetic Things I Think about Spirit

Spirit is not religion.

I was raised in this Mediumistic life. Later, I ventured out and got many years of schooling on Theology and studying from many ‘church’ leaders.  I also studied with many  Physics and Psychology  leaders. I found that no matter what RELIGION you choose your spirit is not necessarily a part of that RELIGION.

1- Everyone has a glorious  bundle of energy in them, called a spirit/soul. With that spirit come a gift that the creator gave us to use – if we choose.

2- It is not voodoo, devil worship or witchcraft. It is that ‘gut’ feeling or that dream you had last night warning you not to go down a certain street.

3- We all have one – why not remember it outside of being in a religious building?

4- Most of us don’t use it and that usually creates unhappiness and lack of prosperity.

5- It is a journey to grow in your spirit – expect your prosperity

All humans have a spirit, that is not scary; only what you choose to do with it makes it a scary thing.

We tend to think our spirit is the religion but it’s not. Our spirit is that driving force that leads us to harmony and peace, if we remember it.

Your spirit gets you through the not so fun and glorious times in life. It depends on how you choose to look at life and the growing process.

Just like anything – life is a class that we must either learn from and be hapy or not and we have challanges.

What you focus your mind on grows, let’s try to all stay positive.

It is just as easy to be happy as it is to be sad right?

So why blame a God or devil or anything on your own doings?

Life is what you make it not anyone or anything else.

The cup is always full and flowing over to the cups below.

Love yourself !!!




Disclaimer- I do believe in Spiritualism/being a Medium but I feel that your spirit has nothing to do with  religion of any type – necessarily. It’s that energy  in you that keeps you going despite religion or non-religion.

So in my daily teaching of LOVING YOUR SPIRIT, I do not mean this in a religious context.

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When you clam to be a thing…everything unlike it will show up

Have you noticed when you say you are …a teacher, student, minister, judge; very thing unlike that is what tends to show up in your life.

People will test you on this or that. They ask you tons of questions, favors or simple requests.

Then you might even start doubting yourself as to your own abilities.

Do you know who you are?

What do you do for yourself or your community or your higher being?

What do you do for your spirit?

Whatever you do is it yu or someone elses idea of what you are or should be?

Do you do what you say you are?

Who are you? What are you?

Are you what you clam yourself to be?

What does that feel like? Does your spirit even know?

Free your spirit and you will have all these answers and feel right in your body and life.

I’d love to know.


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