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How do I keep my energy to myself?


selenite1 selentine  citrine citrine



chryoprase chrysoprase                    blue green tourmaline blue/green tourmaline


As soon as I open my eyes I do two things…..EVERY DAY. !!!

1- Give thanks

2- prayer for protection


Even though you ‘un-ground’ (as I call it when you aren’t going into meditation or doing any spirit work) I am still ‘aware’ but not as open as I am when I am in a trance.


I have experienced first had people in my life that have stayed in communication all day long and all night too; just talking to spirit. The eventually were labeled paranoid schizophrenic and were hospitalized.

So keeping your energy to yourself is crucial and to stop talking once you have completed your work.

When I am not in a session I usually wear a bit of Citrine, rose quartz and clear quartz to protect me from others stealing my energy. (In session I wear many more and I use them on the clients as well.) In order to keep these charged (energized) I will carry with me a bit of selentine.

Many like me carry what is called protector pouches, you might like to create one too.

In the beginning I suggest you try walking in a (in your mind) white balloon of protection, with your crystals in your pocket. A protection pouch is a good thing to have also.

GET IN THE HABIT of turning on and off your protection.  You will be able to really FEEL when you are and aren’t WELL protected against others form ZAPPING your energy.

Many ‘sensitives’ can not go into thrift stores or libraries because there are to many old vibrations and it bothers them to their core.

Once you learn what ‘protects’ you best, it will be easier to ‘shield’ you from them in one second.

You can instantly put yourself in a vault, box, bubble, use an old army shield, whatever it takes for you to visualize for protection – use it.

If you are a witch – you have spells. No matter what you are, you have to practice using your gifts and protection is the most important thing you need to know first.

At some point you will meet others with gifts like yourself, yes you will be able to sense them; like in vampire movies. You still need to protect you form them too.

Study your crystals, prayers, layers of protection work best I feel. In that is included the word NO.  Many just don’t use it for fear of being rude to others. What about yourself?  You matter most. Listen to your higher self and it will always nudge you in the right direction.

Once you fid the right shield for you, practice using it everyday just like journaling.  Then learn to just send out love to those trying to suck your energy dry.

If you have some sea salt use it in your bath.  NOT A LOT  JUST LIKE 1 TEASPOON…it may affect your sensitive parts.

With daily practice – everything is easier to form a habit then it is automatic.


Have faith in yourself…Protect you form others energies. Shut down after your  sessions and then remember to journal.




if you  need some help  just holler.





GREAT SITES….if I didn’t mention yours..pls leave the url in the comments.




site to find crystals to help you heal>>>>










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Becuase I said so…


Today I want you to realize that you are the best you you can ever be.

There is no one that can do you better than you.

No one can do the things you do better than you.




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MOVING onward and upward


idea First comes he idea to  do a thing or have a thing.





boxes We then make preparations.




image2 Then we need some direction.



images Then we must reflect again on the choices we have made.

Find the best way to FOLLOW THROUGH.


That is what life is really all about right… THE  CHOICE TO  do this or that  is the crucial factor in all things human or in some cases spiritual.


I was fed up with my slumlord, bad neighbors, negative thoughts and the home I loved slowly becoming a dumping grounds  for those that didn’t care as much as I did.

So many around me saying AH  THE ECONOMY IS THIS OR THAT.  That has nothing to do with me and what I DESIRE IN LIFE. I MAKE MY OWN HAPPINESS OR UNHAPPINESS. 

I had to make a choice. Do I live like them in fear and lack and nothingness? To afraid to have faith that God will bring me what I desire?  I think not.  I know if I so much as think a thought I know it is possible to achieve it. Therefore I must move on it … NOW!!!

So just like anything else in life we all much  DECIDE TO DECIDE and then MOOOOVE on it … right now.

Then I made a list of EXACTLY what I desired and a TIME LIMIT….yes you must put a time on it. 

If you choose to stay stuck in the mire you will be UN-MOVED. You will be unhappy (more than likely) and you will not have prosperity or success.

If we choose to stay in the same place and live in fear or doubt how can you progress in any area of your life. They all go together. One part of your life affects all the others…it is like a string of pearls, when one breaks they all fall…right? Yes some have the little stoppers in between but I feel that is the person who has planned and prepared for success that has place their bead separators in the right places to avoid failure.

Let’s choose today to only move FORWARD and to be better, LET GO OF ALL FEARS AND DOUBTS.  If you can say  I WANT______, THEN YOU CAN MAKE IT COME TRUE. 

ONLY YOU HAVE THAT POWER…USE IT WONT YOU? Moved on by whatever force you believe in guides and directs you ONCE YOU have made the choice to move or grow or do anyone thing.

CHOICE – it’s really easy.  Just decide to decide and the path will be laid out and you must either walk or stand in FEAR and never grow or have success.

If you believe in that higher power then call on it and then HAVE FAITH that it will help you thru. If you do not have a thing bigger than you…trust in your gut and then MOVE on it.

In order to live and grow we all must move.  CHANGE is thee only constant thing in life.


If you choose not to be prosperous….move out of my way.

If you need assistance in finding your direction…just write me.

I just move on the 3rd of July to the home of my dreams and it only took one small ad and one weeks time. I move in 3 weeks later with a great landlord, peaceful neighbors, clean home and peace of mind.






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