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Date / Time: 8/15/2009 2:00 AM UTC

Call-in Number: (646) 727-2142


I have been asked for quite some time now to do readings on Blog Talk Radio, and I am. For the past two years I have done my readings on Pal Talk.


Fridays @ 7:00pm California time.


I run a VERY tight ship.  You can ask ONE QUESTION. It must be SPECIFIC, precise….NOT  “WHAT DO YOU SEE FOR ME?”  or “IAM WONDERING ABOUT MY JOB.” I will hang up and go on to the next caller. Ask me a specific question that is pertaining only YOU, not the boy-friend/girl-friend, maybe mom or day is good but if spirit tells me they will answer then so be it.


If you would like to make it easier on me please send your question in ahead of time and give me the first six digits (if you can) of the number you will be calling from. (So I know it is you on the switchboard and I will answer the pre sent questions first.)


I am a clairvoyant and I have been since I was sixteen. I have been told I am very accurate and I try to be.  That takes help on  your part. If I tell you a thing you don’t know DO NOT KEEP ON ASKING ME QUESTIONS ON IT, just accept it, write it down and let it marinate. Ask your mom, dad, uncles, aunties about the topic and WAIT. More often than not it will make sense days later when you are clam and in a better mind set.


For the first timers that have NEVER had a reading, just know that you can listen to the reading again and again as it stays on the Blog Talk site. (you can download it too). You should know that if you come in with doubts it will make my job at reading you a challenging. So have your question ready and drink some water before you call and just try to NOT EXPECT ANYTHING BUT A SINGLE ANSWER.  You will see what I mean when you call.  It is not as scary as you may think.  Just breathe and think positive thought- that too will make my job easier.


Thanks every one, have an awesome day.


Much love





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August 13, 2009 Posted by | Metaphysics, Spiritualism | | 2 Comments

Are you that single grain of sand…..



that transforms you into a beautiful glorious pearl?


What are you made of?  Do you know?


I know , sometimes it seems as if you have to jump thru a ton of hoops in order to get anywhere in life or to attain any sort of simple goal.

No one ever said life is or would be easy. You know that by now.

I say it can be re-made into being easier.  BE THE GRAIN OF UGLY SAND, that turns into that supple, priceless, glorious pearl.

With the simple change of thought anything is possible.

In my Intuitive Life coach plan I assist my client in just twenty one days to turn things around. It is possible if you try.

Imagine just putting your mind to getting rid of the negative thoughts (first) and rewarding yourself (second) anything is possible if you believe in you.  How do you think the billionaire philanthropists did it?
They had nothing but faith, goals, endurance.

Anything worth desiring is worth working through in life, don’t let you down by thinking any negative thoughts or do any negative actions; that gets you ‘no where’  not  ‘now here’. Right now you may feel you are no where, but with just the idea of achieving a goal you will be  NOW HERE. !!!

Decide to be NOW HERE and not  NO WHERE.!!!


Choice is easy….listen to your spirit…what’s it saying to ya?


JUST   DO  IT!!!!! 




I love you …do you?




Spiritual Empowerment Session


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