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©2005 A true story of love and SPIRIT~~~

The rain felt good as it dropped down and saturated her face; as she sat on the curb waiting for her knight to save her from her flat tire.

He was due to show up any moment now. Her intuitive senses were kicking into highgear.Not to many folks today believe that others have a power greater than ones self. Let alone being able to use a gift that was bestowed upon them.

She noticed the glow around the coming Honda Accord.It glided over to rescue her.Her hair now glued to her head.She looked like a lost wet puppy.

“You are gonna catch your death of a cold. Get in the car, I’ll change the tire.”His six foot two inch large stature stood over her, shielding her from the rain.His shoulders as wide as the Grand Canyon. She couldn’t tell the color of his eye but she was sure they were blue.

She sat in the car and Joe Sample played on the radio. He was finished with the tire in two minutes. He tapped on the glass. She rolled down the window.

“I think you better get that dough nut off there tomorrow. You know it won’t last long.” He said through glimmering eyes.

“Yeah I know, here is my card let me thank you by making dinner for you sometime.” She suddenly noticed his bright blue aura framing his sweet cold face. His big blue eyes shown like diamonds in the night sky.

Their eyes danced together for a while.“Well, I better let you get home now little lady. You have a nice evening ok?” She knew she met him in her last life.That was a great life too.

“Sure, you be good to yourself now. I’ll be expecting your call.” She put her seatbelt on and giggled at herself. Knowing they would be together but wondering what look he would give her when she finally told him.

Once home she put on a pot of tea and changed out of her wet clothes.Turned on some Diane Shurr and began to prepare her dinner.

“Hi Catie.”

“Could you at least let the phone ring more than once. And stop knowing it’s me.”

“You are just to funny girl. What do you want me to do just turn it off?” She laughed at her best friend of many years.

Kaneesa told her friend what had happened.

“Wow, he sounds exciting K. So, when will he call?”Catie munched on her dinner and the two of them talked.

“He will call tomorrow and we will have dinner on Friday.That way there is no rush.”

“I can’t tell if you are excited or not.”

“Oh Catie, you know this is only happening for some ethereal reason.I’ll get excited after he knows about me.”

Later that night Kaneesa lay in bed wondering what he was thinking. She could almost see him.She could of course ‘see’ his apartment.Nice and clean in any case.

It was already four in the afternoon and her mind was on the dress she was making.It was a lovely summer dress with tons of large flowers and then she would make a matching scarf for the bonnet.

The phone brought her back into reality.

“Hi this is the guy who helped you with your tire yesterday. Is this a bad time?”

“No, not at all.” She set down the scissors and walked into the kitchen.

“Well I don’t normally take ladies up on their offers of fixing dinner but you just have this wonderful smile that forced me to call you.That sounds silly I know.”

“No. Really, it doesn’t.So, what are you allergic to Michael?” As if she didn’t know all ready.

They talked for hours and hours. She was informed of things she wasn’t told by her angels.

Friday came soon enough and the dinner was ready and table set. The doorbell rang.

“Hi Michael, you look great dry.”They both laughed lightly.He came in and sat down on the sofa.

“You have quiet a cozy home.” He looked at the oversized pictures on the walls of the living room.

She walked him through her small two-room home.

“It is quite nice Kaseena, you should be proud of yourself. So what is it you do? If you don’t mind me asking you such a personal question.” He couldn’tstop looking at her beautiful eyes.

“No Michael, I don’t mind much at all.I have a part time job as an HR admin for the C.O.R.E. Company right around the corner.”

“Wow must be nice, I’m an engineer and I wish I could work part time.”

“Well if you promise not to jump out of your skin I’ll tell you what else I do.”

“Ok I promise.”He wore a big grin on his handsome pale face.

“Well, I think YOU will understand me when I say I do readings and healing. Sometimes I give a lecture at the metaphysical bookstore downtown.”

“How nice, do you really?I have always wanted to get into that kinda stuff but I don’t know how; but I have a feeling you will teach me.” He wanted tostroke her cheek but didn’t out of fear.

“Well, I could tell you just about anything you would like to know.” Her face serious now, but trying to put on a smile.

“Then why am I here?”He took her hand and held it between his.It had been a hundred years since a man held her hand and suddenly she wasn’t able to concentrate on meditating.Her memory of how it had felt, lied to her. Her thunderous beating of her heart was filling the room.

The sincerity in his eyes made her want to trust him even if spirit had said nothing.

“You have to…” He began and she cut him off.

“Yes I do know… that …you find me attractive and I know much more than that.”

She instantly stood and walked over to the window.Her normal nervous pacing began.He sat on the sofa without moving just talking to himself, in his head.

“Yes I know that too.” She looked over at him sharply.He got up and walked to her and embraced her slowly and softly.They held each other for a long time before she spoke again.

“Yes you may.”His blue eyes stared down into her brown ones as his hands caressed her back and shoulders. He pulled her to him for a slow, long, passionate kiss. His hands were warm and caring on her. For the very first time in a hundred years she felt like silk.

He broke the kiss to ask. “How,”

“I can read minds too.” She pulled him to her and continued the kiss. They held each other and kissed for an eternity.

While eating dinner she admitted. “I don’t know why I said that. I haven’t read any minds until you.”

“Wow this is amazing.I’m your first.” They laughed out loud and continued eating.

“So when are you gonna tell me the rest of it?”

She ate and sipped her wine he brought. “You will know, when it is time.”

“I have never felt this way before. You know that don’t you? You know much but will tell me when it is right.” He waited for a long time. “Then I shall wait.”

Hours later they sat in the living room in front of the fireplace talking, holding hands. She told him of her unusually childhood and he told her of his normal one.

They agreed this would be no normal romance. She shared a little of what the reason was for him coming along at the time he did. He took it well. They held hands all thru the night.

The sun rose the next morning, his arm around her waste as they lay sleeping on her bed. She was stunned to realize that she missed her morning meditation time. She instantly sat up in bed and said her usual prayers and then went into her deep breathing. Three deep long breaths and she was under.

She sensed a new presents in her meditation. It was Michael, he was asking her things in her head. She quickly asked her guides for permission and they approved. She began answering his questions aloud to him.What his purpose was for being. What was the reason why he fixed her tire. They had a huge responsibility to the world and he had to be big enough to handle the challenge.

She stayed in trance for an hour.He wondered what she saw and what she was doing in meditation for so long. Her eyes fluttered back and forth then up and down. He wondered if she did this everyday.She muttered a yes to him.

It would be another thirty minutes before she would come out of trance. He handed her a glass of water.

“I read you are suppose to have water that is room temperature after a long session of trance.” She sat up straighter and said nothing for a long time.

“Yes, I am fine Michael. I am not use to having anyone near me after a session.”

He sat quietly for a few moments. Then he got up and went into the living room. Replaced the Ruth Montgomery book on the shelf. He went to the kitchen to pour himself some orange juice.She walked in.

“So now you know? And who gave you permission to invade my meditation?”

“Hey lady you practically lured me here to tell me we are gonna conquer the world together and you read my thoughts and questions and you want to get on me for invading anything of yours.I don’t think so dear.”

She poured herself some juice. Then sat in a chair. Opened the window to let any bit of negative energy out.

“I’m sorry Michael. This is new for us both.”They sat in the window and let the sunshine fill them with new energy.

Hours later she heard him talking on his cell phone as she got out of the shower.

“No I’ll see you on Monday, I’m very busy this weekend.” He hung up without saying goodbye.“Wow you look beautiful.”

“It’s just a robe and a towel.”She plopped down on the sofa and turned on the television. An old Doris Day flick was on. She tried to relax her mind from all she had learned while in meditation.She couldn’t.

“Fine, then let’s begin.”She turned off the television and threw down the remote.

“Lay down on the floor and I’ll get the tape recorder.

He hurried and put the pillows on the floor to lay on. Little did they know this would be a life long adventure they were about to under take. She came back with the hand held recorder and two glasses of water.

“Now lay down and get comfy.We are going to be here a while. Listen to the waves crashing against the shore.”She leaned over and turned down the second tape player so he could hear her talk.

He followed her instruction to the letter which were; breath deeply now and hold it in for a while. Hold it as long as you can comfortably and let it out slowly and rhythmically. She had him do this three times. Then she told him to envision himself walking on a beach. You are alone on this beach she said. It is warm and there is a slight breeze on your face as the sun warms you.You are still walking and finally you see a huge redwood tree. You walk closer and closer until you are near the tree. Sit down and allow this tree to envelope you. You and the tree are now one. So your soul is now grounded deep into mother earth. She told him to now separate his soul from his body and leave his body grounded in the tree and continue walking down the beach. You will walk down this beach and feel the warmth of the water on your feet and only feel joy and happiness. Now you see a figure in the distance. You aren’t sure if it man or a woman. As you get closer you make out the face and the clothes on it’s body, if it has one and you notice and remember the smell and how you feel. Now you both are walking down the beach talking and laughing.Go and find out who you are and who they are and what they have to teach you.

She drifted off into a light meditation and her guides woke her when it was time for him to come back.

“Now you will ask this teacher his or her name. You thank them for taking the time to come to this level and teach you. You go back to your body and sit in it.”She waited a few minutes.“You are walking the same way you came from, down the beach. You feel vibrant and anew. Now I will count to three and you will wake up; warm, happy and remember everything. One, two, three.”

His eyes eventually fluttered open. He lay there for a while. He breathed in and out several times before finally talking.

“Thank you very much.I had no idea what life was really suppose to be like until this very minute. I feel like I have gotten all the powers of the universe. How long was I out”

“An hour.” She looked sleepy and he didn’t understand why. It would be a long time before he understood what energy it took to bring in spirit from the other world.

“Now I understand why we are here and what we have to do. Let’s get started then.” He drank his water and then got up and got a pen and paper and began to make a list.

She too made lists, as if she hadn’t memorized everything they ever told her.

He rewound the tape to hear what the guide told him. “I can’t believe it. One day I am fixing your tire and the next I am helping to heal the world.”

They sat in silence for hours until she got up to go fix dinner. He continued writing until she handed him his plate.

“Stop and eat.” Silence engulfed them and then continued writing and telling the other what they thought and felt.He found himself more attracted to her now that she helped him realize his life mission.

He put the dishes in the sink and washed them. She walked to him and put her arms around his waist.

“You have made me realize that I can feel those human feelings after all.”

“What do you mean human? Are you an alien?” He continued to dry the dishes and tried to find where they belonged. He turned to ask her again and she was gone. Was she in the kitchen to begin with?He walked into the living room to ask her. She was not there.

He ran thru the house and couldn’t find her. He went back into the kitchen. She was sitting at the table.

“Um, dear.Where were you just a minute ago?” He pulled out the chair and sat down.

“I was sitting right here when you ran out frantically. Why, you think your eyes are deceiving you?” She laughed over at him.

The following weekend they were attending a group of kids on a horse back riding trip.The city had programs like this for kids and he loved taking care of them. On Tuesdays he would help tutor them and on Thursday’s he would teach them computer science. His life was more filled and happy, now that he found his mission. He also volunteered for the local AIDS group. Their food basket program was in need of delivery people.

Now his schedule consisted of only working eight hours and the rest of the time was spent with Kaseena at her place.

“Hi hun, how was your day? Here I bought you some books on Pluto. I think you said you wanted to start reading on him.”

“No Michael I didn’t.you picked up that thought and you know it.” She took the book from his hand and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

“Gee wiz, now I am picking upon our thoughts.How nice of me.”He spun her around and kissed her more fully and passionately. And released her tenderly.

“I thought you knew everything anyway.”He joked.

He walked into the kitchen and prepared their plates and put them at the table.Moved all the papers they had been writing and reading that filled the table.

“Honey come and eat.” She didn’t say a word.He went to look for her.“Honey?”She was not in the bed room or the living room. He walked back into he kitchen and she walked in behind him.

“Ok all ready I’m here let’s eat.” She shouted from the table.

“How do you do that?” he walked into the kitchen.

“Do what?” she looked up and smiled at him.

“Kaseena, you like turn invisible or something because I know you weren’t in here.”

“Silly boy I have been behind you the whole time. Just playin’ a joke on ya.”

She quickly sat down and started eating the dinner she made for them. He knew she would love the steak and baked potato and salad.

“Is there more going on than you are telling me?”

She continued to eat her salad.

The night sky was beautiful as she looked up and tried to fall into it. He came out to the roof and sat beside her.

“Are you from there? Are you of this world at all? I think I dreamed you up.A beautiful brown skinned Cleo Patra woman with the body of a goddess and the hair of silk.The wisdom of God’s angels, the charm and grace of Aphrodite.”

“Michael, over the past few months we have been together you have learned that everything is learned in time, right? And yet there is no such ting as time.”

He said nothing. He lay next to her as if to try to keep her warm. He looked into the same stars she did and yet his thoughts were on a more human interest.

“Yes I can.”She looked over at him.“Lets go in.”He got up quickly to help her.

She closed the windows for the first time since he had known her. She turned out all the lights and took his hand. Well he thought she took his hand. He could feel her but again he couldn’t see her.

Finally in her room she turned to him as she disrobed.Then suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” she was in full view again. She panicked.

“Let me.”He said. She stood there in front of him as he unbuttoned her and laid her dress on the chair. And he took the barrette from her hair and finally he removed her bra and panties.She stood before him glowing, a radiant golden light. He sat on the bed since he knew he could stand much longer.

She began to remove his clothes and she hummed a sweet tune while she did so. He was so soft to her touch. She was amazed that a person could be so velvety soft. His hair suddenly felt like shafts of spun silk.His body was well chiseled and defined. She didn’t think he would be so well formed. His muscles were like ripples of a waterfall. And his flat stomach was like a wash board.

She left traces of gold light everywhere she touched.

“Will you teach me how to make love Michael? I would like to know” She bent over him silently and kissed him softer than a butterfly’s wings. He barely felt her at all. She kissed him for what seemed hours.He was inebriated and enamored by her.Or was it her touch?

He felt her leave him for a split second in time.If it did exist here and now. She pour out of a bag what looked like crystals.All around his body. Then he too began to glow a lovely warm golden light.

“Now Michael teach me how to love a man. I have been lead to you for this, and other,reason. I desire you to teach me the wonders of your world.”

He kissed her and made love to her as only and angel could do to another of Gods angels.The room was instantly filled with all the colors of the rainbow. They loved for days on end.They melded together in a way Michael never dreamed of. The light filled them as he filled her.It was much better this time.With her it was like no other feeling he had felt.It was total bliss.

It had been the fourth day when they woke.

“What happened to us last night?”

“I think you mean, these nights. We made love.Well we made love your way and mine together. A ceremony if you will.”

“What, we have been together for days?Wow the guys won’t believe this.”

She flashed him a unpleasant thought.

“Ok, ok, I was only joking Kaseena.I would never share such a thing with anyone.”He reached over and pulled her to him.

Soon they were talking to one another across town via telepathy. She would remind him not to get angry in his staff meeting and he would send her mental roses.

Their days blended all together, it was a blur at times.Fighting this cause and that battle.All for the sake of bettering humanity.It was indeed working.

Michael’s boss had given him two promotions in this time of knowing Kaneesa. His life was rich and not with only money. He made better and wiser friends. He made better choices of himself in all areas of his life.He donated money to all those charities that he had always wanted to but couldn’t afford. He went on trips that he held back on before. He visited the heads of churches and got them to all sit down to a huge dinner and talk about what they all could do to support their communities better.How the communities could support the churches. They arranged a buddy system of walking to churches for the various functions. They devised a system for the children and the elderly to keep them safe and fed well. He started an adoption program for the elderly to have a grandchild and vice versa.So they each could help the other.

It had been a year later when they sat down to eat dinner. When he took her hand and kissed it.

“You have taught me so much is there anything I can do for you?”

“You have done just as much for me. Or I could not have grown.We are the same in that manner Michael.”

“You know it has been a year and you still haven’t told me.Yeah I know I know.Don’t ask. Well can you tell me if you will marry me and have my child?”His eyes and heart full of wonder.

Her eyes closed tightly with disbelief. “I will find out.”She now turned sad almost.

“What’s wrong? I mean you can marry me can’t you?” He could feel she truly wasn’t sure.

She got up and walked out. He didn’t follow her this time.He waited for her to return.He sat and tuned in himself. Some gang was trying to take over this street that he had been volunteering on.

“Kaseena, come on we have to go.They need us.” He ran into the living room and she was there.

“It is not your time now Michael.”

“What do you mean hon? They need us.That’s why we are here remember? Come on let’s go.”

He left her standing there.He arrived at the scene just as the gang was driving off.Reverend Thomas had been shot. They lay huddled in the street together.Michael tried using his cell phone but it was dead.

“Reverend T, you are fine and you will live through this. Just have faith.”He lay the Reverend down just as another car came around the corner shooting.He got hit in the chest.

“Kanessa, I need you now. Please come here, we need you.”The afternoon sun was setting but there was a brighter light in the sky shining over the two men. The wings were white and about 20 feet in length.Her hair was golden and the love that radiated from her, as she levitated above them was filling the two men. Michael found the strength to pull his bullet out of himself and then the Reverend. He put his hand over the Reverend and healed the entrance of the bullet wound and then himself.

“Thank you Kaneesa.” He fell back to the ground.

He woke up in the hospital.“Kaneesa I know you are here, show yourself.”

She appeared in the chair next to him.

“You have gotten to good for your skin ya know?”She joked with him.

“You are leaving aren’t you? I can feel it. What will I do without you.There is much to be done.”

“No, my sweetheart.You have learned how to do your work. I must move on and teach others. Not all are so willing you know?”

“This isn’t like in the movies where you make me forget everything is it?”

“No Michael you will remember every detail. You have pleased God very much by setting aside your earthly longings for the sake of others. This is the only real commandment you know?”

“Do you have to go Kaseena?Do you have a choice to marry me or go?”

“MY love, we all have free choice. I choose to go and help others. Not to worry though I will return to you. Yes you will know it is me.”She looked sad again.

“I have to admit, it is harder for me to go this time. I have never experienced anything like you before. I will finish my next assignment and return to you as soon as I can. I will be seeing you before you know it.”

She kissed him softly and he could feel her leave him. He heard her last whisper, “I love you Michael.”

For the first time in years he was full of love and joy and happiness.In knowing that he done what he came to earth to do.

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