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John Wharton of Wharton Underground


Can you guess whose hands these are? They are the hands of a husband, father, brother, uncle, grand father, friend, nephew, BUSINESSMAN.
He is the worlds best UNDERGROUND MAN you could find and has been for the past 37 yrs of his life. John Wharton is a deeply spiritual, old fashioned, hard working man that believes family comes first. John Wharton works hard for his family and yet, loves what he does and has done his whole life.
Don’t you want a man like this to work with you?
(all the pipes under your house…he puts it there.)


Those are the hands of the woman (Teresa) that has been by his side every single step of he way. Honest, warm, loving people. Isn’t that who you want working for and with you on your next landscaping project?



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Here is there story written by Teresa Wharton.


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In 1976 John Wharton came to California from El Paso Texas, eager to be away from the heat and dust of the desert and to take advantage of the building boons of California.

He first started with an established company just running a backhoe. In the short time he work for someone else he decided to realize his dream of working for himself. With a part ownership of his fathers backhoe he struck out on his own until he was able to make the down payment on his own new John Deere backhoe, with the help of a salesman who took a chance on a young man with ambition. Several years of hourly backhoe work fueled his dream of moving on and becoming an underground contractor. He worked hard at learning the art of digging to grade, installing pipe, the delicate art of backfilling and compacting and then the finish grade and pleasing a general contractor.

In 1985 John Wharton passed his General Engineering test to become a Class A General Engineering contractor and set out to realize his dream. He worked hard with his wife by his side and built a small company with an excellent reputation for a job done on time, done right the first time and on budget.

John Wharton was a young man with a wife and 5 kids. He was willing to work hard and there were many who helped him along the way: Dick Graham: gave him his first real job and believed in him and taught him many things about contracting in California, Ryan Concrete and Mel Miller at Ed Walsh Co: gave him credit with no references, Mitch Protrero: gave him his first break in installing wet utilities, Carl Berg and Thelmer Algaard of Berg and Berg Developers gave him contracts that were his bread and butter for many years.

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To help those that do not know what this is, please look at the videos and pictures on his website.

The office number is 408-612-7176

His links are:







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