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How do I do accurate readings?







So many of my clients ask me how I do my readings so accurately.

"I try  to stay ‘in tune’ with only good things – all the time."


When I was growing up we were not allowed to say negative words, watch negative

TV, or even listen to the radio news.  Yes to mom, even Road Runner was

negative cartoon and we couldn’t watch it.


As an adult we need to learn to separate the shaft form the grain.

So even if you hate your boss there are better ‘words’ to speak than that word/s.

Example = “I am learning  patience from my wonderful boss.”

Please remember that thoughts are things as well, words have tons of power.

So only make positive clear statements of truth.


"Tasha, I will enroll in your ATG (Angels Teacher & Guides) course to learn how to use my

spiritual gifts properly.  That is a clear positive statement as well.

"I choose to stay calm in all situations, so I  may make wise choices

better and faster."


"I connect with my spirit guides so I can know how to keep a

positive , prosperous life."  In so doing, all things in your life will become balanced and stay on

the path of what you seek, not what you do not seek.

Your spirit will be ever strong and you will begin affecting the lives around you.


Once you learn to speak to your guides it only gets easier.

Then when you are upset with your boss, your guides can tell you

….."Stay calm your boss is coming."  or the like.

This allows you that cushion of two minutes or so to keep you together

in any challenging situation.


After you can CONTROL you and your emotions then it becomes easy to

meditate and talk to your guides.  This allows you, at the drop of a hat,

to read your guides information and pay fine attention to it, then do

what you are told to do.


Readings are the same. With control anything is possible.

By they vibration I may know thee.


You will then instantly ground and tune in to

spirit and do your job and then go on with your day.

Soon you will be like me in giving on time and in tune messages that

others need to hear.


Where the mind goes the behind follows.


From now on, choose wise words, meditate, only think/say positive things.


Learn how to talk to your guides, use your gifts, and stay in balance in all areas

of your life by watching your words/thoughts.


It only takes twenty-one days to re-create a new habit. Just try it.


My radio show-snips


What do you want your gifts to do for you?

Write me and tell me what  it is you seek in the ‘gift’ process.




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2 Minutes with Tasha – Laser Coaching System








ANGEL CALLS~~ $40.00/monthly membership  For the next three months $29.00

TWO MINUTES WITH TASHA – monthly membership program to keep you focused on your short term goals.

  • MP3 two min blast three days a week
  • E-mails from my archives
  • One fifteen minutes scheduled yahoo instant message
  • Thank you gifts




I was given this system to set up by God 2 years ago and it is working greatly.

For 36 years I did my clairvoyant readings; afterward I got asked tons of questions about life in general but with a spiritual twist. (No not religious just a positive upbeat to it all).

Many that I gave readings to or lessons to, told me I have a very soothing voice, so I put my MP3’s in it for your comfort of learning easily.

When we gather for the first meeting, we go over many things in order to put you back on a path of prosperity.

The past two years of being a Intuitive Life Coach have been two of the best. Helping others and reaping the rewards of making this planet a little bit happier, is truly my purpose for being.


What is your purpose for being?

Let’s find out.



Join 2 Min with Tash

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What can I do when I’m in doubt?



Consider this…..








Stop – take two minutes break to think slowly & clearly

Think – on positive outcome of things

Optimize – the outcome by taking that positive thought one step further & seeing the good in it all

Proceed – go forth in a positive mind set that you will win as you are the light shining on
                   that bright new situation





kids, family, friends, work, church, social events…….



I tell my students – the only break I know you get is when you go to the bathroom. So sit there for a full two minutes. Ladies stop fighting it and learn to relax on the toilet.


Take this full two minutes to just do a little bit of creative visualization – positive thing changes everything.


Since we all have a fast pace life make it really no less than full two minutes .. just try it. Have your kid that knocks at the door be your timer. Have them come back when the commercial is over with. Right the wont come back because cartoons are on and it will be quiet, your two minutes are up then. get it?

For those of you that don’t have kids but still need a timer. Turn the TV up and go sit, commercials are usually only two minutes long.

As you sit there do your creative visualization. Imagine the situation you are worried over being resolved. put some pink light of love on it or in it. See yourself smiling at it and loving it.  I want you to hug that situation you are so worried about. Tell it how much you love the “challenge” of it all and you will conquer that situation….with a big smile on your face.

Now breath, feel thankful that you know you can get over it since you are bigger than any challenging  and go in peace now.

Don’t you feel better now?  You have taken control over your life and that very small situation.

I want you to write me and tell me that you have conquered your small situation and how you are going to treat yourself.

So next time you are in doubt, just sit and think positive. Now the next day you can hold that positive thought in your head and act on it in a cool rational manner.



STOP  … and then go be good to YOU!!!!


Love yourself


I luv ya


2Minutes with Tasha

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Bubble Bath Anyone?



images2 images





Did you know many men take bubble baths? Well the ones I know do for sure. It isn’t a female thing only.

You set out your favorite:


When was the last time you had a bubble bath?

Yes, it is a metaphor for TREATING yourself, being good to you.

It takes time, thought and energy to do something nice for yourself / your spirit. So make a mental not right now to do it EVER….SINGLE…DAY.

I use the metaphor because we all know, once in , you never want to get out….right?

So right now I want you to think of something happy that you want to “soak” in for a very long time.

Now open your calendar and plan it for ….yes right now. !!!

Do one thing per day towards YOUR TREAT at “X” day and time you put in your calendar.

Once you have a clear and precise idea of your treat, I want you to consider doing everything you have done in the past, differently. Stay at a different hotel, on a different street, or at different friends home every day or listen to different music on the road trip.  Just try not to be afraid to do something TOTALLY wild and different to make you smile and make it a true adventure. Then you will want to do it all the time.

The job, life, chores, challenges, are only a goal to be a better you and do better by letting go of the negative and TREAT YOU.!!!


The hardest part of taking a bubble bath????  

         Starting the water.


Turn it on full blast….it makes bigger bubbles.




images3 Come in the water is fine!!!




2 Minutes with Tasha laser coaching sessions



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