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Book of shadows – ritual for healing / Samhain






nothing is the same for another person…this  ritual i do  on a weekly basis for my  clients to heal and  i make often  3 grids at a time.

It is my purpose on this planet to heal and  teach how to use your gift.

not all things  can be shared so  please remember you dont have to  tell the world  your  process of anything.










tasha harris  tools


my  small  and  beautiful  altar…still have  more stuff coming but i love it.


tashas fisr samhain 2

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Book of shadows – tools n things Samhain

tasha harris  tools



I have seen  many vids now on the subject…I am  in  school,  I am  bliss-filled to be learning a new thing.


I know many  humans  celebrate Christmas, never made much sense to me as I believe in  giving  cuz i love you not  cuz my  brother may  have  necessarily  born.  Thats just me  dont  write a comment bout it.


I have my tools,  and I am  ready to  do my  second  homework assignment.


Ok, so  i cant find any roses  for my  rose water…yeah I know  I live in Cali  and  no  roses  in a two block radius.   I will prevail. Tomorrow I have been promised  roses  by  a  dear friend…  I can’t  wait.  I  will  do a vid  and post it here  soon.


But I am  just excited at the  notion of healing  those  under my  crystal  AMANI  and knowing they  will be  feeling better in no time.


Being a healer i  love everyone of course, but those in pain have my attention  NOW!!!


I will also be making a vid on  building my  crystal  grid  and  of course now I use all my  tools of herbs and blessings -  spells in a ritual.  All things positive i know that my  customers  will be  up to snuff in  no time.


I am blessed to have many  teachers come to  help me learn  and  I am having a  good time learning by many.   I am on a mission….BETTER  HELAING  IWTH  GOOD MINDS.  meaning-  YOU WANT TO BE HEALED.


I hope you want to be healed and I look forward to learning form you  and  with you all.


I thank you     I love you


Soon  you will see pics of my  new altar for Samhain and I think this one will mean more…because I have a lil bit more knowledge than the last one.   :-)  It will be simple of course as  I dont  have need or desire for  fancy or  extreme….well..not yet  anyway.  lol  (I said the same thing  about beads  and now i have  thousands of dollars  worth of natural beads)


Crystal Blessings to you all.






I  can not  tell you how nice it is  to  receive  REAL  colored  leaves from my brother and sister  Adam & Val.   Thank you  so much for thinking  of me.

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Book of Shadows – new altar tools

It is so exciting to learn  about new things and how to use them

It is more exciting that I wish i can just yell  IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK….maybe I will at that.

No matter   all my new goodies i can wait to get.

318gYHJkzUL._SY100_ 41EIX 0wM2L._SX100_  altar tile


31-a 289DyL._SY100_ 21agmS0Kz2L._SX100_ charcoal bricks


41tYApCZw9L._SX100_ dragons blood which i love to  burn for a deep  home cleansing.

Feels  good to find another way of  healing.

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Book of Shadows – herbs and scott cunningham

tree cats

it is  what THEY  call  Columbus day  here and the post office  closed  so i am off when they are closed.

finally it  is is  how i love – weather that is- cool  lil bit cloudy  and  to me it is  ROMANTIC WEATHER.

it felt so good to  walk and read  my new lessons in thinking.   AKA   encyclopedia of magical herbs.

re learning things bout things you knew of in another way is fabulous.

now i look at the trees and they  take on an  even deeper meaning for me…if  it were possible to  love a  sister/friend/family member more… i did.

i only  read the first 2 chapters and feel energized just by  remembering  3 herbs … yes i know i  should have  remembered more.   the importance of that is if anyone  ever needed that help…i could help them.  the rest  is only for  me to  try to remember   again at a later  date.

i feel good i feel  EMPOWERED … i  feel



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Books of shadows – Coventina

look inside j box





Learning is such a glorious thing.




Not only to hlep  understand  each other but to  understand SELF….to  move  somewhere anywhere  in spiritual  growth is all i am concerned bout…bettering  TASHA  in all ways.


This way is what i need right now  to  learn to heal in different ways.




http://pathofthespirit.weebly.com/   My  wonderful teacher. Join us wont you?

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Book of Shadows – getting ready for Samhain


I finally finished my  first  ritual and it feels good moving on with things. I am  looking forward to learning about the next Sabat, Samhain.  My blessing of my house came out  quiet lovely. It feels  great and has brought much  joy  AND CUSTOMERS my way already.

I got a hook up for my herbs until mine grow out.

I had no clue the true power of food.  i knew it made humans feel better  mainly when you eat things you  love with  a person you love…my my my  the power of an herb.

i cant wait to know more and do more  daily  getting better WITH  HEALING IN ALL WAYS.

Off to look up  others  pics on how they  have their   altar so i can  figure out a  simple way to do mine….if  there is one.  http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/samhainoctober31/ig/Samhain-Altar-Gallery/Misty-s-Samhain-Altar.htm



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