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Young ones that use their spiritual gifts


Chancellor Thornton III 



This is one of God’s greatest teachers, leaders, mentors, business men.


Not only is he handsome he is very intelligent.


Chance is 17 and has been giving readings since he was 11. He was given his teachers to guide and teach him how to use and fine tune his God given talents.

Chance is one excellent teacher to all not just the young. Though I would have to say God sent him to be a teacher for the young, to help the see they can use their gifts, learn not to be afraid to be themselves and then feel proud of the thing they can do without fear or limitation.

Not only did Chance get over his fear of the learning process, he had to also get over many fears of being young and wrong. Many just didn’t get the fact that this child of God is so much more talented than they were, just because they were older than he.

Many would call him an Indigo child or rainbow child. To me he is Chance, a perfect child of God our creator.

Chance is not only a clairvoyant, he also is aduiovoyant, and an empath. This is difficult for many adults to control but through his yoga and meditation classes he is well adept at all his many talents.

Most adults think he is a fake or fraud when he does his Radio shows. Then later they call him and say “You remember you told me  this or that? Well, it came true. “ As if he lied or was just joking when giving his readings to them.

I hope you take a moment to check out this fine young man and all his glorious talents. He will amaze you and you will feel inspired by him.


He not only uses his gifts on his YouTube channel

Chance Radio Show

Chance twitter

Chance MySpace

He speaks on many very important spiritual topics such as:

Psychic Vampires

Encounter with my spirit guides


One of my favorite of his recent videos (and radio show talks) is of teen suicide.)


He speaks to us all, the teens listen to him avidly and with great conviction.


I would encourage you to hear his sweet strong loving voice and let his lessons embed themselves in your spirit. He is one of our best young leaders….dare you follow such OLD SOUL footsteps?  I do.


Thank you


Tasha L. Harris






I will be writing more on TEENS and the way the cope with their choice to be free and use their gifts and their strong voices.

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