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Peace…..take time to stop and see the rainbow



This was the day I knew I had to buck up and  gather more  strength to move the last of my things from  the apt.
I asked  source for the extra energy I needed to get thru  yet  again.
that is  when Debra  said  “Do you see the  rainbow?”

I was happy to hear  any good news  that time of  the morning.  I looked and  said a  silent  ‘thank you’ to the universe for  bringing me something that would  make me  smile all day long.

As she drove I was greeted by  an even bigger gift….the other half of the rainbow.

That  was  happy dance time  and  my day  turned out  wonderful.

I  tell ya,  when things like that happen…it  really  makes you feel  like  something out there heard you….I know  it  did. !!!












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